Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Liberal Media And Opposition Party are Figments of the Brainwashed Imagination

I keep getting emails from John Kerry, or someone in his office and I don't know why. He is pleading with me to sign this petition or that petition so he can really do something about George W. Bush. I signed the first one, but now I just delete them, as he did nothing on the first petition, why should I sign another for him to inact on? It's reminiscent of his campaign for the presidency where he really tried to take on Bush and never really tried to capture the voters attention. Like Dan Quayle said of George Bush's '92 campaign against Bill Clinton, "It's the greatest campaign never run."
Recent polls indicate that support for the war in Iraq is waning, yet our politicians ignore them, much as they ignore polls indicating a majority of Americans opposed CAFTA and passing that detrimental (to American workers anyway, Korporate America will profit handsomely from it) legislation. The amazing thing is that while this was in Congress, not one Democrat put up any kind of a fight to save the American worker, which is supposedly their power base. Not John Kerry, not Hillary Clinton, they all just let this slide, like the illegal pre-emptive war of the Bush Administration.
Now I see where Colleen Rowley is running for Congress as a Democrat in Minnesota, and I wish this patriot well. Surely you must remember her, she was Time's person of the year, which she attained by blowing the whistle on her superiors who stonewalled her attempt to investigate Arabs at flight training schools. This was after the discovery of "Operation:Bojoinka" where Arabs conspired to hijack planes in the nineties and crash them into various symbols of decadent Western culture, such as the Eiffel Tower and the World Trade Center. I wish her all the success in her campaign, but if she is treading on ground that Korporate America and AIPAC don't want her to tread on (such as Camp Casey in Crawford) I'm sure that she will soundly be defeated and smeared.
An attempt was made when Ms. Rowley visited 'hardball with Chris Matthews' a show on MSNBC. NBC is owned by General Electric, who also makes engines for jet fighters. Like CBS, owned by Westinghouse (which makes components for missile guidance systems), NBC has been accused of having a liberal slant by the far right. I guess since they don't call Cindy Sheehan the ditch in the bitch, they must have an agenda. That when they have reported on Camp Casey, they have tried to portray supporters there as whackos means nothing, if they don't outright accuse her of being unpatriotic (trying to stop all those profits those people with Shell and Halliburton stock are making) then they must have a liberal bias. Which has all the right wingers turning to "fair and balanced" Fox News, where right wing propaganda is passed off as news. I guess that right wingers tend to forget that in the months preceeding our illegal invasion of Iraq, all the networks were running anti-Saddam propaganda, backed with flag waving graphics, linking it to the "War On Terror", which at the time wasn't about the "noble" cause of bringing democracy to Iraq, rather it was about stopping Saddam from attacking us which he could do "in forty five minutes" according to one Bush speech with his "weapons of mass destruction" that Bush knew didn't exist.
Korporate news is not about reporting the truth, or anything close to it, it's about keeping you scared and glued to the tv so you'll sit through annoying commercials to keep up on the latest story, be it runaway brides, gruesome murders or the latest celebrity trials. Bush could have ended this whole thing weeks ago, but instead has let it go on as a distraction from the fact that traitorous Karl Rove has not been fired for outing an American intelligence operative. Which is something that Korporate media with the "liberal" bias has let slip from the public consciousness. Of course, if they were to run stories about it like they do runaway brides, etc. they run the risk of pissing off the vindicative Bush administration, who might cut off their government contracts. And that's just not good business.

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