Friday, August 12, 2005

We Are All Collateral Damage

My heart goes out to Cindy Sheehan as she tries to get answers from George W about why her son had to die for Israel. Good luck! The Bush administration has repeatedly shown their arrogance by being answerable to no one (except AIPAC). Don't expect Bush to come out and bite his lip and "feel your pain", his brand of compassionate conservatism is to hide on his ranch, play cowboy, and hope for the next terrorist attack to distract the public attention from Ms. Sheehan and her anger.
In the eyes of politicians, those public servants who seem to be better than us, our children and us are expendable. If our deaths serve an agenda, more power for them. This is even more obvious in this administration than any other.
In the first World Trade Center bombing, the "terrorist" who parked the van was a FBI informant. He told the agency of the plan to blow it up, and even suggested using fake explosives, or low grade explosives so no one would get hurt. The FBI told him no, that to do that would blow his cover, so the plan went on ahead, with one exception. Instead of parking the van where he was supposed to, which would have brought the towers down, he parked in a space where the damage would be minmal. If he had parked where he was supposed to, more people would have died on that day than on 9/11. Collateral damage.
In the days following 9/11, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld wanted to set up an intelligence agency to infiltrate suspected terrorist groups, direct them towards committing acts of terror so they could be arrested and broken up afterwards. Collateral damage.
The alleged mastermind behind the London bombings was arrested two months before in Portland, Oregon for trying to set up terrorist camps outside the city.
It's easy to see that our leaders, our public servants who never put themselves or their family members in harm's way (not one member of Congress has any children or grandchildren fighting in Iraq) have no problem putting you or I or our children or grandchildren in harm's way, even in the safety of our own country. Our only purpose, besides paying taxes that fund all these atrocities, is to serve as collateral damage to help them forward their political agenda.
Don't look to the media to protect us either. In the case of Cindy Sheehan it seems to have sought out the most fringe elements of society who support her to make it look as if only crazy people are behind her. That is, when they have covered it at all.
Don't look to "compassionate conservative" George "Wuss" Bush. He is flown in and out of his Crawford ranch so he doesn't have to be reminded of what a cold hearted bastard he is as he drives off his ranch. That leaves you and me. And you are brainwashed.


myboypete said...

So, you are just saying these wild things, with no impule at all to post source documents or facts.
We have already established that you can't write HTML, but now, through unregulated running of your lips, we find out you don't have any care or need to site source documents.
I ask you this weird man, are you willing to write anything you wish was true, or are you willing to write about that which is true and site source documents?

Lew Scannon said...

Well, the World Trade Center bombing info came out in the trial of the accused and is a matter of public record (look it up). The London Bombing info was in all the papers, buried, as usual, in the back pages where no one reads. I don't make wild accusations, all this information was pulled off the web, the URL's were lost wheen I recently moved, but I do have a pretty darn good memory ( a sign of the Unbrainwashed)