Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah, And I'm Like Buddha

The difference between the right and left is the level of their delusions, with the right being better prone to believing their own bullshit (With the exception of Hillary Clinton, who hasn't seem to have received the message. It's over. When Barack Obama can attract 80,000 people to a rally in Oregon, over half the state, and you can only muster a thousand mullet headed mingers to a state you plan on carrying, well, as Stan Lee might put it, 'nuff said). Just today, I had a conversation with a man concerning the high gas prices who said be grateful I'm not buying bottled water by the gallon. I told him I don't need bottle water to drive to work, and that right wing meme is such crap you can smell the stink from here.
Yes, there are roughly 30% or less people who still think that Bush is doing a fantastic job, and why shouldn't they? Not because he is, but because to admit otherwise would crack the facade of their lives enough for all those horrors to flood out. Just keep humming, popping your Xanax and watching Fox News, and everything will work out. Just wait.
How much more evidence do you need? Take Sue Everhart, state chairwoman for the Georgia GOP. She actually believes that John McCain is kind of like Jesus. I think I remember that episode. That was the one where Jesus became a fighter pilot and dropped tons of Napalm on the civilians in North Vietnam. Or the time Jesus called Mary Magdalene a cunt. Yeah, I can see the similarities, McCain with his PTSD, lashing out at critics and colleagues alike, Jesus, uh, singing "Bomb Iran", just for laughs (well, Mike Huckabee thought it was funny, and we all know what a great sense of humor he has)These kind of people have gone way past drinking of the Kool-Aid straight into full-fledged addiction to that sugary and artificially flavored fruit drink.
And how does Ms. Everhart think McCain and the Christian saviour are alike?
"John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross,He never denounced God, either."

Well, I'm sure at some point Sen. McNasty probably took the Lord's name in vain.


Frederick said...

It's getting hard to tell which side is which these days. Sad.

Graeme said...

gotta love the water to oil comparison

Tom Harper said...

Good point you made about why some people still think (or pretend to think) that Bush-Cheney is doing a good job. People don't like to admit they've been swindled; that they bought something hook line and sinker.

If somebody spends thousands of dollars on some phony pyramid scheme, they aren't gonna go around broadcasting it.

"Hey, how's your new Amway career going"

"[forced smile] Oh, great. Yup, it's really working. I'm glad I did this. Wanna join?"

Kathy said...

Did you catch Huckabee's joke about Obama ducking when a gun shot rang out? People in the crowd laughed when they should have been ashamed.

Huckabee is a so-called man of the cloth, yet he joked about an African-American getting shot. And some Republicans are pushing him for the VP slot?

There is NO comparison between Jesus and McCain or Huckabee. Republicans need to pick up their bibles and read them.