Sunday, March 23, 2008

Intimidation and Spying:Our Government At Work

The IAEA recently "reaffirmed such an unprecedented, resolute voluntary cooperation, beyond Iran’s obligation in accordance with the comprehensive Safeguards agreement (INFCIRC/214), “clearly reflects the peaceful nature of Iranian nuclear program.” . Despite this fact, the UN has imposed more sanctions on Iran. If they haven't been proven to be doing anything wrong, how can they be punished for it?
According to the Chilean envoy to the UN the Bush administration threatened trade reprisals against friendly countries who withheld their support, spied on its allies, and pressed for the recall of U.N. envoys that resisted U.S. pressure to endorse the war.
In the aftermath of the invasion, allies loyal to the United States were rejected, mocked and even punished" for their refusal to back a U.N. resolution authorizing military action against Saddam Hussein's government

The book written by Heraldo Mu¿oz, Chile's ambassador to the United Nations,"A Solitary War: A Diplomat's Chronicle of the Iraq War and Its Lessons", details a list of intimidation and spying by the US to get what it wanted from it's allies. It even dangled the U.S.-Chilean free trade agreement as incentive to comply with the Bush administration's wishes. In other words, your job was traded for a war.
So following the logic that if the Bush administration is spying on the American people, and spying on it's allies in the UN (the book details an account of a meeting in the German embassy's secure room, much to the consternation of the Bush regime), I would safely say that they are also spying on members of Congress, and using damaging information to get what they want from our representatives. And, one would surmise, they are doing this to gain justification for another war, this time with Iran.
What Iran has done is started selling it's oil in denominations other than the dollar, which is the same thing that Saddam had started doing in November 2000 and what Hugo Chavez has started to do that has made him a member of the US terrorist list.


Frederick said...

Iran offered to help us, and Bush turned them away.

Snave said...

Lew, the Iranians need to be punished for not doing anything wrong, because by doing nothing wrong, they are not going along with the Bush administration's plans@ Heh...

I have shuddered to think about what Bush-Cheney would do once Iran started selling its oil in units of currency other than ours. I suppose we are about to find out!

For doing what it is doing, Iran has to be punished, of course. Iran is viewed by the retarded PNAC types as an unruly, independent-minded teenager butting heads with the strict father figure, which after all is the U.S. How DARE they defy what we say!!!

How convenient a way for the administration to sell the upcoming war with Iran, once the current "noo-kyu-ler" weapons angle is roundly proven false:

"They're selling their oil in Euros or whatever now, not in dollars, and it will ruin our economy! It will hit you in the pocketbook, HARD, so we need to stop them now!"

Then a fair number of not-so-nimble minded Americans will probably say "YEAH! Bomb the assholes!" and such comments will get repeated often in our non-biased mainstream media. Har...

The administration will go ahead with whatever it plans to do anyway, but they will at least try to sell it somewhat in order to avoid a revolution here at home. But of course they probably have the revolution angle all figured out TOO, so they can attack Iran and STILL be sitting pretty.


If we can get Bush and Cheney out of office, I will be literally be dancing in the streets 1/20/09.

Lew Scannon said...

Yes, I saw that too. It's almost as if they want more wars...
The more power the Bush/Cheney axis of evil acquires for themselves, the less likely I think they'd a).give it up to a democrat, or b). give it up at all.

Kathy said...

I wholeheartedly agree with what you said, Lew: The more power the Bush/Cheney axis of evil acquires for themselves, the less likely I think they'd a).give it up to a democrat, or b). give it up at all.

I also think the private global banking scheme your link talked about adds credence to your statement. This is bigger than Bush or Cheney - it's international - which makes any candidate a walking target.

Tom Harper said...

I saw that same article in the Seattle paper. Damn, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Just when you think you've seen all the slimy creatures under a rock, you lift up the rock again and there's something even slimier under there.