Monday, March 03, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton A Satanist?

As far as I know she isn't, but her desperate attempt to paint Obama as a Muslim seems pretty evil to me.
And if Obama is a Muslim(which he is not), does that mean he can't be president of the US? After all, we are a secular nation, and religion shouldn't play a part in our selection process. So even if Hillary is a satanist (which as far as I know, she isn't), that doesn't mean she isn't fit to be president either. Neither race, gender, wealth, or the propensity to slaughter German Shepherds to Beelzebub (which, as far as I know Hillary doesn't partake in)shouldn't prevent any person from holding highest office.

(Image stole from Ron Nasty)
So if Hillary does drink the blood of aborted Christian fetuses( which, as far as I know, she doesn't) it really wouldn't affect her performance should she win the nomination and go on to win the general election. We should accept her as our president whether she is satanic(which, as far as I know, she isn't)Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or Muslim. As long as she remembers to suck up to the Jews.


Frederick said...

I heard she snaps puppy dogs heads off and throws kittens in wells.

Lew Scannon said...

Oh, you mean like this US soldier throwing a puppy off a cliff in Iraq?

DBK said...

I'd be much happier if I didn't know Obama's religion, and if he didn't throw it into so many speeches like he's going to be yet another religion pandering shitheel in the White House.

I'm sick of the religion pandering shitheels. And believe me when I tell you that Obama is no Messiah, Lew. He's like every other politician: dishonest as they make 'em. If you think he's much different from McCain or Clinton, you're fooling yourself.

Kathy said...

Hillary is acting more like a swift-boating Republican (which as far as I know she isn't) than a Democrat.

DBK said...

"Hillary is acting more like a swift-boating Republican (which as far as I know she isn't) than a Democrat."

Please give on example of this.

I can give tons of examples of the press being biased against Clinton, but I haven't seen one example of this bullshit that is getting tossed around by the Obama supporters. Just one.

Got one? Let's hear it.

Kathy said...

dbk, here's an example for you to check out.

And just for the record, I supported John Edwards and haven't decided who to support since he dropped out. All this racism shit the Hillary campaign is resorting to doesn't do much to encourage me to vote for her though.