Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pantsuit's On Fire

So Hillary lied? Er, I mean, she "misspoke". And then she told another lie. As far as we know, she's not an alcoholic and former (alleged) chronic cocaine abuser, so who cares if she keeps telling lies. She does have command of our native tongue, even though she has a problem with the truth. Am I sexist because I choose to choose to point out every lie? What's worse, a befuddled old coot who doesn't seem to grasp anything beyond his shoelaces or a pathological liar?
You would think she would have quit while she was ahead, but as it stands now, she's behind and won't quit. What she really needs is one good whopper.
(I know we were going to go after McCain, but you can't let one like this get away because we decided to go easy on the Democrats. And far as I know, Obama's not much of a liar and they worse they can dig up on him is his pastor speaks the truth,)


Snave said...

Good post! During election years, it always seems like we end up with candidates and parties tearing each other apart, making each other look so bad that when it comes time for the people to decide, nobody looks appealing. I think this can end up being very confusing to voters.

Clinton definitely seems to be in the "divide and conquer" mode, and I'm not willing to cut her slack on her exaggerations and attacks just because she is behind Obama and is therefore desperate. She put herself in that position. You're right Lew, she's behind and she won't quit... which plays into the hands of the befuddled old Republican coot, allowing mindless millions to line up behind him.

I think we can expect a wide variety of attacks on Obama during the next month, with a number of accusations/rumors/whatever coming from the Clintons and their campaign. I'll need to see a lot of proof that Obama is a liar before I am willing to call him that. Hillary Clinton is proving herself to be, at the minimum, less than truthful re. her "experience" for office and her valiant exploits in Bosnia.

We CAN'T let this one go away. At this point I think we need as many Democratic voters as possible to vote for Obama in the Pennsylvania primary. I think if he can somehow pull that one off, the Clinton campaign would have no choice but to stand aside. She might try to hang on, but all the math would be against her. I suppose there would still be scenarios in which she could get the nomination, but getting it by any of those means might work against her in the court of public opinion.

On the other hand, if Clinton does win in PA, the Democrats will remain splintered and I think the in-party divisions will keep increasing right on up to the convention. And I think that's part of the problem with nowadays' "politics as usual" in America.

Kathy said...

It looks like it's just about over for Hillary. She underestimated the voters who really are sick of dirty politics and want a new direction.

Moving along, you're absolutely right. We have to focus on defeating McCain from this point on if there's any chance of saving whats left of our democracy.

1138 said...

She can't win on the positive
He can't win on the negative

But we can't win on her fabrications
This is a "purple heart" she's trying to wear here and she has to be called on it, mis-speak my ass - no man would have gotten away with the I was tired excuse