Thursday, March 06, 2008

Clash Of Cults

I've been amusing myself lately reading the comments sections at various blogs such as this one or this one. The comments are sharply divided with the Clinton camp calling the Obama camp a "cult", which I find to be hypocritical. The Clinton followers are just as cult-like, whereas the Obama cult is more like a New Age cult, the Clinton cult shares the same scorched earth politics as Scientology.
Both cult of personalities fail to recognize there is no difference between the two!
Hillary Clinton recently rapped Barack Obama for saying he is anti-Nafta, while also reassuring Canada. Guess what? she did it too. It is at this point I begin to wonder: what fucking difference does it make whether or not the fuckwad in the White House lying to us is a Democrat or a Republican? These people will say anything to get elected and then find ways to screw the taxpaying citizens in order to divert more money to the corpocracy, so they can get more funding to win more elections. The rest of us are all just wallets to them, and they know that we probably have a couple dollars floating around in there that rightfully should be theirs.
That's why I've decided to support Nader for president. Sure, I know, he won't win, and his candidacy will probably help the Republicans hold the White House, but really, what's the fucking difference whether the lying shitheel in the Oval Office is a Democrat or a Republican, they're still a lying shitheel.And we all will lose.


DBK said...

There is no difference between the two Democratic corporate shills, but there is a difference between them and the Republican corporate shill. He has a different base to pander to. They'll all support corporate Supreme Court Justices, of course, but the Democrats won't attack some of our rights with those appointments and the Republicans will attack all of them. Just something to consider.

libhom said...

I don't see either group of supporters as a cult. I see the Clinton supporters as nasty, bitter people and the Obama supporters showing the level of enthusiasm one would expect for candidates in a functioning democracy.

We just need to work harder to make our country a functioning democracy.

Graeme said...

we need publicly financed elections to start with