Thursday, March 13, 2008

Clueless, Clueless, Clueless

In Washington DC, it's 3am everyday, and I worry because the chimp-in-charge is as clueless as a game of Password between two blind and deaf mutes. I imagine he sits around watching old war movies because he says stupid things like he would like the "romance" of fighting on the frontline in Afghanistan. I don't believe the war in Afghanistan is as cut and dried as a WWII movie with "us" (the good guys) vs. "Them" (the indigenous people fighting off a hostile occupation force)facing off across an empty field. But that's how Bush sees it. He wishes he were young enough to fight there, but when he was young enough, he opted to party down in the Texas Air Guard, rather than enjoy the "romance" of fighting at Khe San.
And with the economy quickly sliding towards a depression, Bush is urging us to go shopping and spend, spend, spend. Just like he did right after 9/11, so you know that we're in some deep shit now. That's what the rich people do to take their minds off their troubles, shop, shop, shop.Of course, with rising oil prices driving up the price of everything, most people don't have extra cash to buy, buy, buy, and those who refinanced their homes to pay off credit card debt have lost money because the value of their home dropped with the falling housing market. Nobody wants to extend themselves because their job could be gone tomorrow, and then, with the new bankruptcy laws passed by the Republicans, they'd be stuck with a debt they couldn't get out from under forever.
Then the State Department releases a report criticizing the Russian Federation for human rights abuses. Hell? Our Congress just voted to make waterboarding okay, and we're complaining about human rights abuses there? How about a government that spies on it's citizens? The report goes on:
Security forces reportedly engaged in killings, torture, abuse, violence, and other brutal or humiliating treatment, often with impunity. Hazing in the armed forces resulted in severe injuries and deaths. Prison conditions were harsh and frequently life threatening; law enforcement was often corrupt; and the executive branch allegedly exerted influence over judicial decisions in some high‑profile cases.

Government pressure continued to weaken freedom of expression and media independence, particularly of the major television networks.he government restricted media freedom through direct ownership of media outlets, influencing the owners of major outlets, and harassing and intimidating journalists into practicing self-censorship. Local governments tried to limit freedom of assembly, and police sometimes used violence to prevent groups from engaging in peaceful protest. The government used the law on extremism to limit freedom of expression and association. Government restrictions on religious groups were a problem in some regions. There were incidents of discrimination, harassment, and violence against religious and ethnic minorities.

Maybe you should work to fix these problems at home before you start pointing the finger at other people. Double standards are for hypocrites, and you'd be their King.


Graeme said...

He is worthless, bottom line.

pissed off patricia said...

graeme, said it much nicer than I was intending to. I was going to say the son of a bitch is full of shit. See? Graeme was a gentleman and I was not a gentle lady.

DBK said...

I thought Congress passed a law saying waterboarding was illegal and Bush vetoed it.

The Pagan Sphinx said...

what a mess this fucked up asshole has made of our country and of the situation in the middle there any hope of ever digging out from under all of this? i scare myself with how much i hate the guy and what he stands for...i being one to achew hatred in all forms.

btw - found you through your comment on libhom's latest post.

Kathy said...

Sadly, experts are saying it will take years and years to undo the damage he did. On a brighter note, it won't affect Bush one iota. He's impervious to reality and still thinks history will judge him favorably.