Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Down, Ninety Five To Go

Bush thinks the war in Iraq was worth it.Even though most Americans say the war in Iraq wasn't worth it.The Iraq War is killing our economy, but Dick Cheney thinks the war was a successful endeavor. Uh, sorry Dick, but if it was "successful", it would be over and done with our troops would be back home and the Iraqi people would be free of an occupation force. The US has lost power, prestige and influence, but to our leaders, that's a good thing.
In his most recent speech, Bush declares that those who oppose the war want the US to "retreat", and failure there would give a victory to our "enemies". This comes from a man who used 935 lies by both him and members of his administration to the American citizens to try to gain backing for this illegal war. Criminals and liars and yet no one dare stand up them. Victory cannot be attained because there is no clear definition of terms within the confines of the war, and there is no exit strategy because they never intend on leaving.
Meanwhile returning US troops suffer psychological wounds , two and a half million Iraqi men, women and children have been left homeless while the prospect of creating more refugees hasn't swayed the mind of the disconnected from admit that the war in Iraq was nothing but a colossal bungle.
End The War


Dusty said...

Spot on as always Lew.

Frederick said...

The Hunderd Years War must not be all for nothing...more bodies to the front!

Kathy said...

Sadly, I don't think the war will end until the oil dries up.