Saturday, March 01, 2008

Welcome To The Corpocracy think you're all clever and classless and free-John Lennon, "Working Class Hero"
You are a prisoner. You don't know it, because you've been so well-conditioned, you lock yourself in your cell every night. You think you have choices, but only choices you have are the ones that they offer you.
Most of you are happy, not knowing that you are in fact a prisoner. As long as you have the latest gadget, or can read up on the latest escapades of the current out-of-control media star, or watch the seasonal sporting event, your mind is too distracted to examine the truth. You see, right there, three choices.
But you're still a prisoner. The minute you get too close to the perimeters they have set up for you, they scare you with the latest health crisis, money scam, or dangerous gadget (that they urged you to buy last year) to keep you isolated, away from the other prisoners, lest you share your discoveries with them. They'll even create threats where none exist, because they need to keep you afraid, because a scared mind is an unclear mind, and more susceptible to advertising.
But wait, you say, I'm free to go where ever I choose, to talk to whomever I choose, to read what I want. But everywhere you go, from the grocery store, to the gas station, the bank, even driving down the street, you are under constant video surveillance. You say it's there to prevent crime, but I ask, are you a criminal? has crime actually stopped because of this? They can even search your computer's hard drive with out a warrant or even probable cause. And soon enough, even travel will be restricted those who lack the proper identification. But we still labor under the illusion of freedom.
America has the highest percentage of it's population in prison, while while members of the elite avoid investigation. A person can be jailed for political reasons while the president commutes the sentence of a crony and demands immunity for telecoms who helped him violate the law. Equal protection under the law is a farce, only for the gullible to believe, like the Constitution. You can even be arrested for video taping police officers making a forceful arrest. They can spy on you all they want, but don't you think that you have the right to hold them accountable.
Enjoy what little freedom you have left because it's not going to last. The detention camps have been built, with the US and Canada agreeing to allow the military from either nation help the other out in cases of civil emergency (Part of that whole NAU thing that Hillary Clinton swears is just a "conspiracy theory"). The FBI has partnered with businesses to gather information on persons suspected of "terrorism or other crimes. The corpocracy is positioning itself for a complete takeover, and when they do, all the remaining freedoms you posess that are bad for them but good for you will be gone.

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