Tuesday, March 04, 2008

There Is An Answer

I'm sick of the religion pandering shitheels. And believe me when I tell you that Obama is no Messiah, Lew. He's like every other politician: dishonest as they make 'em. If you think he's much different from McCain or Clinton, you're fooling yourself.

That quote came from dbk in response to yesterday's post, and I will say it here: he is exactly correct. What with the Democrats ready to cave-in to Bush on immunity for telecoms who broke the law (under Bush's orders), the difference between the two parties is quite evident. The Republicans will come right out and tell what evil fucks they are and the Democrats will pretend that they care (just enough to gain your support) and then go ahead and do the will of the unitary executive.
I am not a Democrat. I do not support either Clinton or Obama, (although I will say I favor Obama, even though I know that if Hillary wins, I'd have more fodder for my posts, sort of like an unfunny comedian who voted for Bush because he's the type of idiot who's an easy target) because, as I have said elsewhere, when the Democrats win the White House (and they will, or hide their faces in shame forever for losing to John McCain), those on the left will be placed in the uncomfortable position of Defending their candidate, much the way that there are bloggers on the right who still defend Bush.
For the past seven years, we've had a politician who exploited the ignorant fears of the masses to institute despicable, immoral and unconstitutional agendas. I saw in Senator Clinton's statements about Senator Obama's religious beliefs the same cynicism. Is this the "change" she is claiming to bring to America? The previous post was satire, the use of mockery to ridicule something that I consider to be wrong. I was not defending Obama, nor do I drink the Obama Kool-Aid. I merely feel that in a democracy, for two families to control the executive office for nearly a quarter century is not much of a democracy at all. And if you really wanted to see change-
Vote Nader!!


DBK said...

Thanks for the acknowledgment, but one teensy point: neither Democratic candidate is the candidate of "the left". There is no "left" in American politics, but if there were, it would have been Kucinich or Edwards. Both Clinton and Obama are corporate shills, which is actually the basis of what I was saying: they both serve their corporate masters. They only care about voters when they need a vote, but they care about stockholders all the time. If either of them had universal single payer health care as a proposal, I would say otherwise, but they are both proposing to pay off the insurance companies while pretending to help Americans with the cost of health care, so screw 'em both. I'll vote for whichever one gets the nomination only because McCain is yet another Bush-style nightmare and would be another big ol' GOP mess, but don't expect the thievery to stop with Senators Clinton or Obama in the White House. As I keep quoting all over Blogtopia (y!sctp!), "The beatings will continue until morale improves."

Lew Scannon said...

Well, you see then, there are those on the left who do feel Clinton and Obama represent them. Other than that, I agree with 100% on your assessment.