Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Election Is The Democrats To Blow

One of the two Democratic front runners should step down (actually, there's only one front runner and a second place person trying to redefine the rules to their advantage) not for the sake of the party, but for the sake of the country. By extending the nomination process well into June now, what with the possibility of a Michigan do over, (and trust me Senator Clinton, you will not win that) you are allowing the Republican nominee to define the issues and continue feeding right wing misinformation to the public, with a little help from the corporate media.
Even though violence has increased in Iraq and the Iraqi leadership has fallen short of goals set, John McCain is basing his campaign on foreign issues such as Iraq. Support for the war is at it's highest level since 2006, likely because the Pentagon has canceled release of a report confirming the fact that the war was based on lies. This is all information that a Democratic front runner could use, if they didn't have to spend this time fighting for a nomination that will seem less likely to win once the disinformation takes hold in the mind of the average American television watcher. And the war in Afghanistan is going so well, that NATO is approaching Russia to come to our aid, which is odd, since we originally backed the mujahedeen there to keep the Russians out.
The Democrats need to point out the collapse of the dollar, the falling stock market and the prospect of a severe recession, all products of a driving US economy driven too long with Republicans at the wheel. But they can't do that by bickering over who gets to be the nominee, statements made by supporters and other non-issues that will rapidly begin to turn off voters on either side of the party. One of the two nominees needs to be a bigger person and step aside, but unfortunately, if one of them were to do that, the one that did would probably be better suited to be our next president.
Meanwhile, John McCain can make ludicrous claims about al Qaeda trying to tip the US election, and there's no one there to call bullshit on that because they're too busy arguing over things Geraldine Ferraro or the Reverend Jeremiah Wright have said (no matter how right the reverend is)which is irrelevant to the fact that the US is no longer the greatest economy in the world


Frederick said...

The only thing that even slightly console me in this is that the more John McCain defines himself, the more he's likely to have to go back on something else he's said.

Undeniable Liberal said...

As a fellow resident of Michigan lew, I have to tell you a do over is ok with me. With Obama and Edwards off the ballot, and with the knowledge that the vote really wouldn't count, I voted for Huckabee, you know, to keep him in the race. Many other people did the same.
If it makes people stop bitching, Florida should stand as is. Everybody was on the ballot.
Oh, HUSSEIN Obama is a secret Muslim with a radical racist Protestant pastor.

Kathy said...

Your title says it all, Lew. It's come down to a contest of personalities that Hillary really can't win at this point. The math isn't in her favor and no one wants the superdelegates to overrule the will of the people - except Hillary.

Naomi said...

I guess since I'm Canadian & can't vote - even though believe me we're interested; the outcome affects us, too - I shouldn't really comment. But I agree with you on this one. (And the Reverend Wright is my new favourite person.)