Saturday, March 29, 2008

Conservative Windbag Flaunts The Law Again

In the Michigan primaries this year, I had three choices, if indeed I did choose to vote. I could have voted for Sen. Clinton, or I could have voted uncommitted, neither which would have mattered since the Michigan delegation won't be seated at the Democratic Convention for violation party laws and having it's primary early. My third choice was to vote Republican.
I voted for Ron Paul.
Unlike Rush Limbaugh who has been asking listeners to break the law,cross party lines, and commit voter fraud, the only way Republicans can win, I wasn't breaking the law. As I have explained before, I am a registered Republican. Happy with his results in Ohio extending the Democratic primary, Rush is now asking Shittoheads in Pennsylvania to do the same. Dubbing it "Operation Chaos", the republican propagandist will do any underhanded trick to keep the party in control of the White House, even though the ones in charge now have nearly completely decimated the whole country.
But if you dig deeper, this is really a method to keep the White House in the hands of the Council on Foreign Relations of which Senators Clinton, McCain and Obama are all members, as well as Rush Limbaugh himself. But McCain and Clinton are drinking buddies who bonded in Estonia three years ago, probably while Senator Clinton was dodging sniper fire. Senator Obama, a junior member, probably lacks the alcohol tolerance that the other two senators have, which would make him no fun at Russian summit meetings where the latest president there could drink him under the table.
So now Mr. Law and Order doctor shopping drug smuggling and vote fraud perpetrating Rush has broken the law again. There probably isn't a cell that can hold him, literally.

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