Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Continuously Clueless Candidate

It's the old fallback political position, when caught in a lie, always claim you "misspoke". No, I'm not talking about Hillary Clinton, I'm talking about John McCain. Last week he stated that Iran was aiding alQaeda in Iraq, which would be sorta like the Church of England backing the IRA, but a doddering old fool can be forgiven, as long as he's not, you know, running for the president of the United States.
Now he's alluding to an audiotape made by Osama Bin Laden about Iraq, saying they both agree on "Iraq as a training field for jihad". How nice. A guy who's dead as dirt and a guy who's as old as dirt agree on something. Except they don't.
"We're succeeding. I don't care what anybody says. I've seen the facts on the ground,"
the continually clueless candidate commented. That must have happened right before Sadr militia fighters battled troops in four Iraq cities. Yes, senator, tell us again how that surge is working. Just as well as your brilliant plan for helping the economy. America has spent the last eight years with a lying clueless president more interested in starting wars and handing out tax cuts to those who don't really need them, than he is in doing something for the other ninety-nine per cent of the people. I don't think we can stand even one more year.


Frederick said...

He wouldn't know his facts on the ground from his dick in the dirt.

Kvatch said...

"We're succeeding. I don't care what anybody says. I've seen the facts on the ground,"

Well...everything looks successful when you're protected by a cadre of US military, in the middle of the f*cking Green Zone, and wearing an inch of kevlar over 2/5'ths of your body.


Punditman said...

Looks like McCheney is following the Bush script of appearing (or being?) the doddling fool-leader. Heck, the strategy has worked for the past eight years for the Repiglicans, so why wouldn't he continue with it? But give him credit for being a little more savvy: I think Jon Stewart likes him.

Snave said...

McCain does seem to be a bit more savvy than Bush. I think what we will see a lot of during the campaign is McCain appearing polite and civil, speaking softly and smiling, almost meek, giving the appearance of being a doddering old fool... as he slyly tosses in some incendiary comments and inflammatory remarks about his opponent... the kinds of remarks that will send his opponent scrambling and which will put them on the defensive. It will be such remarks that the mainstream media (and subsequently the voters) will pick up on, and which I think could make it very difficult for the Democrat to beat him.

I for one am tired of the Democrats always being on the defensive. Anyone with me there? I would like to see the Democrats take the national debate away from the GOP this time around. The GOP is great at controlling the national debate, and they are amazingly good at manipulating voters through the the use of fallacies/language. I believe that because the Dems don't employ similar tactics, they are automatically at a disadvantage in nearly any major race. The Dems need to put the Republicans on the defensive, and in 2006 it looked like the left was gaining some ground in that area... but now I'm not so sure. I think that while McCain may appear clueless (and I think he actually is in many respects) I think he is also foxlike and that he is counting on the usual Republican dirty tricks and manipulations to pull him through.

I think that in this modern era of politics, whoever has the best sound bites is going to win the race. If the media pushes McCain as a lovable old granddad who's good with one-liners and pointed jabs, the race will be close. On the other hand, if he is portrayed as a doddering old fool who is out of touch with most things and doesn't get his facts right, it will play into the hands of the left. I don't believe we have a "liberal media", but that it is rather a "corporate media"... so which way would that tend to make the media lean in regard to McCain versus the Democrat? Heh...

Even given the Democrats' gains during the past few years, the left WILL be having to fight McCain AND the media, as well as themselves. Scheise.

Graeme said...

McCain is a sick old man

Kathy said...

I like your description of him as a doddering old fool. That brings up a good point. Will his trophy wife be running the show from behind the curtain when the rest of his mind fails?