Sunday, March 16, 2008

MCCain Makes taxpayer Funded Photo Op Stop In Iraq

Ol' Flapjack Johnny McCain made a surprise unannounced visit to Iraq to prove that the surge is working. He proudly showed how safe the streets of Baghdad are to a US senator surrounded by a gaggle of reporters, a squadron of US troops and a flak jacket. Of course, the dead child at the bottom of the picture didn't have any of that, so the streets of Iraq weren't safe, and now the child lies lifeless, mourned by parents who only want the nightmare to end. It's sad, true, but it's a sacrifice Sen. McCain is willing to make.
Sen. McCain's trip to Iraq was merely a taxpayer funded photo op for his candidacy, thanks Johnny-Boy, money that could be better spent here at home was instead used to further your goal of, well, I'm sure you have one (I mean besides making sure all the Republican donors get to keep getting rich and fat from the taxpayers wallet).
Talking out both sides of his ass, McCain first made the point that there's been a drop (until recently) of violence in Iraq since the surge, which proves it's working, right, except he worries that insurgents might try to influence the November presidential election with increased attacks in Iraq, which implies that the surge isn't working. You can't have it both ways Johnny.

(dedicated to DBK, who asked us not to beat up on the Democrats more than we do McCain whilst he is in transit)


Playful Pete said...

Hi Unbrainwashed,

Did you see this report from Time magazine.

Bob Geldof, anti-poverty campaigner and Live Aid concert organiser, took a trip to Africa recently.

He travelled with a rather well known guy, and wrote this report.,8599,1717934,00.html

Thought you'd enjoy it!

Lew Scannon said...

I couldn't follow the URL you left me, it was a dead end.Is this the article you meant?

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

The guy makes me sick. He will be the next ruler of the empire.
It's to late to stop them, the people here are not bright enough or to lazy. I don't which...