Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Name Written In Blood

Much has been made of Sen. Obama's endorsement of his candidacy by Louis Farrakhan, but does a candidate really have control over who endorses them? Whether they want them or not, they're stuck with it, so can you really hold it against them? And if said candidate denounces statements made by supporters, are they exonerated? How about if the candidate embraces statements made by an endorser?
Such is the case with John McCain's endorsement by none of than John Hagee. Will MSNBC devote as much coverage to McCain's embrace of Hagee's support as it did to Obama's rejection of Farrakhan? After all, Hagee has denounced homosexuality, the Catholic Church, Islam, and feminism, why is he given a free pass?
Hagee likes MvcCain because he believes McCain will be good for Israel. Funny, I thought McCain was running for president of the US. I have nothing against the people of Israel (just the government which is strangling Gaza, but hey, in Hagee's mind you gotta kill them Mooslums before they kill you) but shouldn't the president of the US do what's right for the American people? We're the ones who are paying the taxes, as well as the ultimate price for Washington's Israeli-centric foreign policy.
Hagee is arrogant (or psychotic, or deluded ) enough to think that if we wipe out all the Mooslums, God will send Jesus back. That his mighty and all powerful God can be told what to do by some chunk with bad skin is lost on Hagee's followers, but you can take two unrelated passages in the Bible and interpet them any way you wish in Hagee's world, as long as it serves his anti-papist, misogynistic and homophobic agenda.
Just remember, these are all ideals that John McCain, by refusing to denounce, has embraced as ideals for America.


Frederick said...

Poor St. McCain.

Anonymous said...

Former United States Senator J. William Fulbright, Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated repeatedly in 1973, "Israel controls the (U.S.) Senate." Fulbright soon became a "former Senator."

President George Prescott Bush admitted in a media interview in 1991 that he had been virtually blackmailed to grant a $10 billion dollar loan guaranty to the State of Israel, compliments of the American taxpayers. He described his contact as an agent of "AIPAC... a very a very strong Jewish lobby", ... Mr. Bush later approved the loan without objection from Congress.

Our Congress is in fact under the power of Israel and AIPAC, a foreign power lobby that directs and influences the acts of a cadre of American politicians. Any politician who doesn't support whatever AIPAC wants doesn't last long on Capitol Hill.

Did you know that most of Iraq's oil is now being diverted to Israel?

There is a book out there that you might be interested in. It's call
One Nation Under Israel, by Andrew Hurley and Michael Heywood.

And Hagee? Well he is clearly crazy. And he is an apostate christian to boot. He is head of Christians United for Israel (CUFI).

Hagee has a book out, and I saw a movie on it where Hagee claims Jesus isn't the Messiah and didn't claim to be.

The book is called In Defense of Israel. And the video is on google.

Here is a link to a website with book and video post.

This Hagee calls himself a christian and an american but he is neither. He doesn't believe in working for America since he claims we should all support Israel no matter what. And he sure isn't christian when he claims Jesus isn't the messiah.

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot to mention that Barack Obama is pro-Israel too. He called the security of Israel "sacrosanct."

Barack Obama made it clear in the final Democratic Presidential after being prodded by NBC's Tim Russert on the issue of whether or not he was pro-Palestinian, or god forbid Muslim, , Obama said he has long been a "stalwart friend of Israel's," believing the country to be one of the United States' "most important allies in the region," and even going as far as to call the security of Israel "sacrosanct."

The hallowed confirmation that he would maintain the US's lopsided support for Israel came the same day seven Palestinians were killed by Israeli air strikes in Gaza. Since "peace negotiations" resumed in November, Israeli military forces have reportedly killed over 200 Palestinians.

Speaking to a group of 100 pro-Israel supporters in Cleveland this week, Obama assured the crowd that as president he would keep Iran in the crosshairs to protect Israeli interests.