Saturday, February 02, 2008

This Is Serious, Senator Specter?

I often feel that the US puts too much emphasis on sports. This weekend is a good example, but what is essentially games that children play to burn off energy has become a multi-billion dollar racket, which in the end is mere entertainment, no more important than movies or television and not having any type of bearing on reality whatsoever.
Remember when Congress had a big investigation into steroid use by baseball players? How is professional athletes using performance enhancers bad, while the US military is using depleted uranium for the exact same result? Winning is everything, because we are not a society of losers! What's next? An investigation into actresses who used cleavage enhancing breast implants? (Please,sir, can I be on that committee, sir?)
Early on in this season, the New England Patriots were caught videotaping defensive coaches' signals to players during games. The tapes were confiscated by the NFL, who then fined and denied a first round draft pick to the Patriots. After which, the tapes were destroyed. Now, Sen. Arlen Specter has declared the tapes' destruction analogous to the CIA interrogation tapes destruction. Except with those tapes, they were destroyed before an investigation and no punishment has been meted out at all because of it. Or how about the deletion of emails missing from White House servers? It seems to certain Senate Republicans, only other crimes bear closer scrutiny (or maybe Sen. Specter heard there were some awesome cheerleader upskirts on there he needed to see).


Dusty said...

I think I had to check my pants when I heard about this on Sportscenter this morning. I could not believe that idiot compared the tapes to the Torture Tapes.


Undeniable Liberal said...

I had a really profound comment to make about this post,but the upskirt just don't remember what I was going to say.