Friday, February 08, 2008

Join The Blogswarm-Save Nelson's Birthday!

March 19, 1999, was a very important day in my life. that's when my youngest son, Nelson was born. Four years later, the US invaded Iraq. Now his birthday will be forever linked with that fateful day, unless we all do something. I know how it is to have a birthday associated with a tragedy (I was born on Groundhog Day), and believe me, it never really goes away.
In the day's leading to the illegal (under international law) invasion of Iraq, I wrote my congressperson. I stood in the freezing cold along with fifteen million other people around the world to protest a war that hadn't even begun. I began blogging, because as John McCain recently said, we'll be in Iraq for a hundred years, and with 3956 US soldiers sacrificed to the corpocracy, not to mention the many injured, or soon to be debilitated due to the effects of DU, it won't be long before they institute a a draft to fill the gap since the children of the corpocracy won't be asked to fight. And I don't want Nelson or his brother to be forced to fight in a war that began when he just had turned four years old.
So i joined the March 19 blogswarm and am asking all of you to do the same, since the elections, the faltering economy, and the psychotic ravings of pop stars has pushed the war from the consciousness of the American people. Remind them the war is still there, it was still based on lies, and it won't go away unless we fight to end it. And I'm asking you please, please, please, do it for Nelson.


libhom said...

Thanks for publicizing the blogswarm.

Frederick said...

I'm there.

Kvatch said...

ooh, Ooh, OOH!!! Sounds like a job for Kommandos!

Snave said...

But wait a minute Lew... the ravings of Britney Spears are far more important than whether or not our young people are dying in Iraq now or may still have to go die there throughout the next century... right?

Well, no, not really.

And, well, yes, they WILL have to have a draft; in order to invade and install at least a hundred thousand troops in every country in the Middle East, we will need to get the draft going before Bush leaves office, and start enlisting every young person born, say, between 1980 and 1990.. Or hell, if the Islamic terrorists are using children to plant bombs and do their dirty work, we can do the same. Those shitty public schools of ours aren't doing our 12- and 13-year olds ANY good AT ALL, so let's put those kids of ours to good use. Sorry, I rant.

Yes, I'll do the blogswarm thingie! Proudly. Kids ARE our future. We want them to live to ripe old ages, in a safe, clean, free America. We on the left need to do whatever it takes.