Monday, February 18, 2008

"But, Hey, Defense Contractors Are Making Money. Wait, You Mean There Are Americans Not Employed By The Military-Industrial Complex?"

So George Bush thinks the war in Iraq has nothing to do with the economy. This chimp faced chump couldn't buy a clue if he was the only bidder at a clue auction. Not that anyone expects him to admit to any of his numerous failings, in his mind the economy's doing swell.
Let me spell it out for you, Mr. Presnit: The war in Iraq has increased the budget deficit. Deficits mean the government has to print up more dollars, which in turn makes those dollars worth less than before by virtue of the fact there's more of them floating around. That increases inflation, and if you don't think prices are going up, you haven't been to a grocery store recently.
The war in Iraq has also increased instability in the Middle East. This coupled with your threats against Iran have driven up the price of a barrel of oil. Higher oil prices means Americans are paying more at the pump. In the last three years, gas prices have doubled. Paying more for gas means people have less to spend on other things, which in turn has led to slower retail sales. That in turn leads to lay-offs, etc., etc.
So never mind that most Americans think that leaving Iraq would boost the economy, even though most Americans have a higher capacity for intelligence than you. You are like a fart in a stiff wind, you're talking out of your ass and your breath probably stinks as well.


Frederick said...

I always wondered if by "Bushes Bubble" they were referring to a fart bubble rising out of the tub as he played with his rubber ducky...

DBK said...

Trying to teach a pig to sing, are we?

Dusty said...

Lew, its downright pathetic how stupid our Idiot-in-Chief thinks the American Public is.

Thank Buddha the man is running out of time..its our only salvation.

lol at dbk's comment..;)Touche !