Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Winter Blues

Here in West Michigan we have a saying (by "we", I mean undoubtedly me), a winter storm is when kids can't make it to school, but a blizzard is when you can't make it to Meijer's. Here in the frozen north, when a front is looming, people often flock to the supermarket to stock up on comfort food, alcohol and cigarettes to help them ride out being snowed in. This evening when I visited the store it was virtual empty, or as empty as I've ever seen a Meijer store at five o'clock. So if the hour drive home from work when it usually takes me twenty minutes wasn't enough of a tell, nor the multiple accidents on the way home, or the quarter mile visibility in white out conditions, the emptiness of the grocery store was all the sign I needed that this was in fact a blizzard.


Graeme said...

I know how you feel. Stay safe!

Kathy said...

In the Flint area, the stores were empty because the cars all got stuck in the snow. It was the 3rd worst snowstorm in Flint's history.

I was glad I had lots of wine leftover from the holidays! ;-)