Monday, February 25, 2008

Get Real

So now Hillary Clinton says she has proof of media bias towards Obama. She claims a skit on Saturday Night Live proves there's a media bias towards Sen. Obama.
Saturday Night Live? That show has been funny in a decade and hasn't been relevant since the 70's. Now she's claiming a skit that was written as a gag is proof of media bias for Barack?
Funny, when she was the front runner, and had all the media attention over better candidates (such as Dennis Kucinich or John Edwards), she didn't have a problem with the media bias, but now the media has dumped her like a dumpy girlfriend for a more attractive candidate, all of a sudden she's upset? Get over yourself, lady. The American people have spoken and they have decided they don't want you or your lousy-excuse-for-a-president-and-husband/life partner Bill.


Frederick said...

Hasn't been funny going on a decade and a half.

Lizzy said...

SNL has it's moments.

As far as Hillary goes, her moment has come, and gone.

Kvatch said...

Whether or not there is a media bias toward Obama, the 'Obama distortion field' (much like the vaunted Steve Jobs/Apple distortion field) would make a Hillary nomination an impossibility.

She should simply retire from the race and go back to the Senate. I pulling for her to be Majority Leader in about 4 years.

Jennyjinx said...


Really, media bias? All I've heard for months is "Clinton-Obama-Clinton-Obama..." She was fine with it then, wasn't she?

Yes. I am bitter that my main man Dennis got the boot. Does it show? :)

John Good said...

I think Obama's gonna steamroll her on Tuesday. Whether or not she gets out after that is moot as she will be SOL.