Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Latest Distraction

Today, I happened to catch a glimpse of the congressional hearings on steroid use by professional athletes, and I wondered, who really gives a fuck if some juiced up ball player is taking performance enhancing drugs? All it really does is add some excitement to an incredibly dull game. In a capitalistic society, independent contractors should be allowed to do what ever is necessary to give them an edge in the race for glory, history books and astronomical salaries. Next you'll be telling me it's a bad thing that Amy Winehouse is a crackhead.
Sure, some of you may say that, hey, these professional athletes are setting a bad example for the youth of our nation. We have an executive seeking immunity for telecoms that spied on Americans, illegally, a political party that thinks torture is okay, and a White House that has abused it's power more than a teenage boy with a stack of Hustler magazines abuses himself, these are far worse examples being set by our leaders that will have far reaching ramifications in the years to come. Why not investigate these? Why waste taxpayer's money on something that will have no immediate bearing on the lives of many Americans?


pissed off patricia said...

I have no answers for you. I don't know why in the hell that show was put on or why in hell every cable news show showed it. The day before when the Senate was voting whether to let crooks off the hook for helping to spy on our electronic communications, only c-span saw fit to cover that.

Kathy said...

One word - deflection. They're hoping the public won't notice what's going on in the country while these hearings go on. Sadly, it works.