Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If Hillary Had Fought Bush As Much As She's Fighting Barack, She Might Get My Support

Only one of us has spent 35 years being a doer, a fighter, and a champion for those who need a voice-Hillary Clinton

Ahh, the world of Hillary Clinton, one where she attempts to have it both ways. For instance at one point she says "My opponent has taken to attacking me on NAFTA. I've long been a critic of the shortcomings of NAFTA" forgetting the fact that when she was ensconced in the 35-year-period of change she keeps harping on, she was a champion for NAFTA. Like her vote on the authorization for the war in Iraq, she supported it then, but now, in retrospect, it doesn't seem like a good idea. How many truly awful and horrible decisions is she allowed to make before she realizes she isn't fit to be president?
Now Hillary is caught in the fight for her political life, she's come out swinging against Obama. Now she's fighting, but when the Senate was voting to strip immunity from the telecom bill, was she fighting then? When Bush used the Congress authority to use force to start an all out war, was she fighting then? Did she fight against the use of torture? Is she fighting for better conditions from our soldiers when they return home from the war? Is she fighting to end the war? No, no, no, no and no.
Is she speaking out for the Iraqi citizens, caught between warring factions and the US military? Did she speak up for the Lebanese people caught between Hezbollah and the IDF? Is she speaking out for the citizens of Gaza, caught between the Israeli government and the democratically elected Hamas fighters? Is she speaking up for the displaced residents of New Orleans, whose city is still feeling the negative effects of hurricane from almost three years ago? No, no, no and no.
Did she fight Bush on any of his Supreme Court nominees? Has she fought against any of his signing statements? Has she the Bush administration's various abuses as much as she's fought to have the Democratic Party convention rules so she can become the nominee she arrogantly assumes is her right and destiny?
No, she hasn't fought for anything except her own political future, placing it higher than the American people. She might make a better president than Bush, but only because he lowered the bar.

UPDATE- Over at Fred's I just found a link to this about Hillary voting for war with Iran. Tell us about how you're for change again.


Frederick said...

Democratic Debate in Las Vegas:

BLITZER: All right. Senator Clinton, all of us remember the big NAFTA debate when your husband was president of the United States. A lot of us remember the debate between Al Gore, who was then vice president, and Ross Perot.

Ross Perot was fiercely against NAFTA.

Knowing what we know now, was Ross Perot right?


CLINTON: All I can remember from that is a bunch of charts.


Kathy said...

Lew, this was a great post, but the title says it all. Her stances on the issues now - during the campaign - don't mean a thing compared to how she voted.