Friday, February 01, 2008

Hillary Clinton Is Just George Bush In An Ugly Pantsuit

Strange things are happening. Kenya's voting was rigged. How do we know? The exit polling differed from the final results. Funny, when that happened in New Hampshire last month, it was the exit polling at fault, not vote fraud.
All over, I read "progressives" talking about how great it would be to have a woman president, and I agree, as long as it was a great woman. That is not Hillary Clinton.
Why are progressives, so famous for opposing any unnecessary use of force, so happy to get behind someone who voted for the Iraq war? Someone who has chided President Bush for not being tough enough on Iran, a country who has yet to be proven has any nuclear weapon program? Who posed with children as Israel dropped cluster bombs all over southern Lebanon while stating "America stands behind you, Israel!"? Not only that, but she voted against the Feinstein-Leahy Amendment, which would restrict the use of cluster bombs in civilian areas around the world. Does this sound like a progressive?
The answer is no, and Democrats are deluding themselves if they think they are better than the Republicans they've been bitching about for the last eight years who blindly supported George W. Bush because he was their candidate. Hillary Clinton is George W. Bush in a pantsuit, not any one who would “discipline the corporate crooks and lobbyists and their corporate candidates."


Frederick said...

I really suspicious of how many people are supporting Hillary. Who are these people, and will they please come forward and step into the light! Your right their is something fishy here.

Graeme said...

She is shit. And every election "progressives" do this. they side with some jerk off that is on the wrong side of all the important issues because the other person is worse. Then they blame Nader.