Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Magical Imaginary World Of George W Bush

Has there ever been a more out-of-touch chief executive than George W Bush. Still firmly ensconced in his bubble, the White House is now downplaying talk about an economic recession, even as it works to pass an "economic stimulus" package. I guess when your base hasn't really been affected, you could really give two turds, until aides point out it may reflect poorly on your legacy to have completely destroyed the country.
So if you ignore the record number of foreclosures and the drop in single family home sales, the slowest increase of the GDP in five tears, consumer spending down, skyrocketing food prices , not to mention the falling stock market, then, yeah the economy looks pretty good. I mean, if Bush can ignore the NIE, ignoring this should be no problem for someone living in his own version of reality.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lew...just wanted to let you know that your plea back in December didn't fall on deaf ears.

I have relented and returned to the Blogsphere, but...

Blognonymous is dead.
Long live Ragebot!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could put him in a Lenin. Call it the GW Bush Memorial Sarcophagus! A fitting end, don't you think?

DBK said...

Hey kvatch! I just blogrolled ya.