Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Goodbye, Rollo

Friday evenings are the best. Tired from working all week, I scramble to make some dinner while the kids watch syndicated reruns on the local Fox affiliate (except King of the Hill and Everybody Loves Raymond, two shows we find it hard to stomach, especially while we're eating.) Between 5:00 and 8:00 they frequently run the Alltell commercials featuring spokesman Chad as he squares off against four nerds representing the other cellular phone providers.
I think it was Wilbur who questioned why the other guys didn't have names, and unable to come up with a response, we decided to correct this injustice by christening them with names of our own choosing. The ringleader became Dexter, his right hand man was named Jenkins, the quiet guy was named Martin and finally, the chubby feller in the yellow shirt was christened Rollo. And all through the series of commercials featuring these characters, we cheered for the nerds, always rooting for the underdog.
Now a new commercial has appeared, with the actor who portrayed Rollo gone, replaced by someone who kind of resembled him. Did Rollo leave because he wanted more money? Is he branching out into fast food commercials? Will we see him as a nebbishly nerdy neighbor on some future sitcom? We don't know, but we will miss Rollo, and salute him and wish him luck where ever his career takes him. Goodbye, Rollo.
Of course, now we must name the new guy, and the first suggestion? Paolo.



Lizzy said...

LOL. Thanks for that post. It made me laugh. You & your fam are my kind of people, Lew.

Graeme said...

he's hanging out with the "dude, you got a dell" guy.

Tina said...

Graeme's right... "he's hanging out with the "dude, you got a dell" guy"...... petting the Taco Bell chihuahua... while watching Spuds McKenzie skateboard around the room... as Morris the Cat wearily looks on from his pampered pillow, wondering if the chubby guy formerly known as Rollo is actually Tucker Carlson's long lost brother.