Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

On the weekends, I usually arise early, while my kids are still sleeping, and spend a little quiet time reading the news. As a holdover from my net-less days, I still turn on the television and watch those weekend "news" programs, the one where crowds gathered in front of the television studio scream on cue in hopes that the folks watching back home might be able to see them on the TV.
But the show hardly qualifies as news, because, in between segments about how to make the most out of life by buying some great new product that is more than likely manufactured in China, or some where else with out our stringent environmental and labor protection laws, recaps of the weather (because looking out the window is so boring), the show runs short segments of news where Britney Spears latest attention grabbing escapade garners as much, if not more, air time as the possibility that the nation's economy is heading for a recession.
It doesn't help when our leader is in denial despite the growing evidence to the contrary. But even so more resoundingly, the politicians grubbing to be our next leader don't mention it either. The Republicans seem fixated on "fighting terrorism", "strengthening Families" (by scapegoating gays, and not by offering any semblance of economic stability), and the age-old refrain of "lowering taxes" (which ends up lowering taxes for the wealthy, not for anyone else), while the Democrats seem fixated on the vagueness of "change" (which got them pretty far in the last election) with out being too explicit about what they intend to change. No one mentions it because they all know that they were the ones holding the dog while the corpocracy screwed the pooch.
So, not being much of a believer at all, I take this news as a sign that there is justice in the universe.


Mark said...

Your right on. The United States is like my car. It gets no maintence until it breaks, and even then just a quick, cheap fix, like "Fix A Flat" cheap.
This one is going to hurt. It's going to hurt everyone (minus the 1%).

Renegade Eye said...

Our leader is waiting out his time.