Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Was Elected To Lead, Not To Read

This is what a leader does! When faced with insurmountable evidence to the contrary, he makes his own decision anyway! Since he's been spending the last year of his term on his 'legacy', it seems that President Bush has decided that it will be as the most war mongering president in history!
Bush, speaking about spreading democracy in front of the most undemocratic country in the Middle East, found his fresh fervor for force following his recent visit to Israel (which only goes to prove the validity of Mearsheimer Walt as to who really controls US foreign policy). But Bush is not planning a war, per se, just nuclear strikes against Iran.Like he suggested the US should have bombed Auschwitz, without thinking of all the innocent people who would have died, Bush is ignorant to all those US troops downwind of the fallout in Iraq (not to mention in striking range of the Iranian military, should they decide to retaliate). This is madness, and it's time the Democrats in Congress stepped up and impeached him.
A war, or nuclear strike if you will, will have a negative impact not only on the people of Iran, but on the rest of the world as well. Iran has threatened to seal of the Straits of Hormuz, thereby effectively sealing off the world from a major oil supplier, which in turn would drive up oil prices further. And if you think the economy's doing bad now, just wait until oil prices go through the roof.
This only goes to illustrate how important this election year is. Not only do we have to pick a leader who will put the real concerns of Americans first, second and third, but we also need to vote for representatives who will represent us, and not kowtow to defense contractors or other special interest lobbying groups that don't have the United States best interests at heart.


Renegade Eye said...

Unfortunately the Democratic and Republican parties, are two sides of the same coin. The best thing that could happen, is if someone like Edwards bolted from the Dems, to start a new party.

Lew Scannon said...

I agree. We have ceased to function as democracy when the Democrats ceased to function as an opposition party. If only the people weren't locked in to the notion of a two party system, they could do it themselves.

Graeme said...

indeed, we need a party that represents labor (which is pretty much all of us)