Saturday, January 19, 2008

Refund On Intelligence

Bubble Boy's bubble must have finally burst.
Following his trip to the Middle East to promote peace by trying to gain support for war, the president has returned home to finally focus on America, only to find that his economic policies here are immense failures, too. All those tax cuts for the rich, coupled with deficit spending on the war, and rising oil prices because of the war, have pushed this country to the brink of a recession. Ooops.
So Bush and Congress have a plan. Neither he, nor Congress believe the NIE on Iran, and since we spent $43.5 billion last year on the NIP, they have decided to give the taxpayers a refund on the money they spent on intelligence operations.
"Here, take this $300 and buy yourself something while we go start another war."


Tina said...

Rebates for BushCo poilicies that have caused financial disaster...
...why don't they call it what it really is?
...and does this rebate come with a kiss?

DBK said...

No, man. We're in the recession. Not on the brink. The full effects haven't been felt yet, that's all. The unemployment and so on are very shortly to arrive.

Nobody is impressed or interested in the Bush tax cut proposal, either, so don't let that concern you.