Friday, January 11, 2008

Deep Dark Recession Excessive Misery

The Republicans candidates had another debate Thursday night in South Carolina with much more posturing in response to the alleged Persian Gulf incident, with all candidates (with the exception of Ron Paul)
promising war if they were president.
When the topic turned to the impending recession, they all tried to top each other with what they would do to help out the economy. Like going to war? One of the factors in the current economic state is the fact the high oil prices (caused by military misadventures) is driving up the price of everything else. McCain, who in ads portrays himself as an outsider in Warshington says he would make Bush's tax cuts (which has increased the deficit) permanent, Huckabee and Romney promised tax cuts as well, and Ghouliani, not to be undone promised he'd push through the "biggest tax cut in history."
Either these people are complete morons, or they're hoping the people of South Carolina are. Six years of Republican economic policies have put us in the situation we're in, they're not going to get us out of the hole. Maybe their plan is to follow Ghouliani's lead and ask people to work for free.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Love that Ghouliani quote. But it makes me kinda sad, because if he slashed taxes like that, who is going to pay for his security detail when he visits his mistress? Who would pay for his dresses? If I were a candidate I'd promise to eliminate taxes altogether. Then we couldn't finance any wars, there wouldn't be any "earmark" projects and, most importantly, absolutely no waste or fraud. Lobbyists would disappear. Then we could start all over. Or, I could just go with the slogan of that guy from NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: "Vote for me and all your wildest dreams will come true."

Kathy said...

Either these people are complete morons, or they're hoping the people of South Carolina are.

Actually, it's both. The candidates are morons and so are the people of South Carolina who continue to vote red.

Ahenobarbus said...

"Arbeit macht frei"