Friday, January 04, 2008

Go, Johnny Go

Well, the Iowa headache is over, and with 49 or more of these to go, it's too soon to call it, but I am delighted to see that Clinton pulled in to a third place position, or as TIME, the most corporate of corporate media put it, Edwards barely beat Clinton. (In a state where she outspent and campaigned twice as much (with help from her husband) as Edwards. And frankly, I'm glad.
Edwards, while no Kucinich, is a candidate for change. Clinton is part of the elite that has been running the country for the last twenty years, and look where we ended up. If she does (God forbid) win, that means in nearly a quarter of a century, only two families have controlled the White House. How's that for democracy?
Can we really trust these people? Bill Clinton got elected by promising to help the working people, then worked to pass NAFTA, which worked the working people right out of work. Bush ran on a platform of smaller government, has since increased the federal government making it more sluggish and inefficient than it ever has been. What promises has Hillary made? No, not to us, but to all the campaign donors with deep pockets and control of the corporate media which has painted her as a front runner. You know, the people who aren't really hurting under $100 a barrel oil.
As Bill was fond of saying back in '92, it's the economy, stupid. And as the Republicans were fond of saying back then, Anyone But Clinton.


Graeme said...

i loved seeing her come in third. maybe now the corporate media will stop this "hillary is the inevitable candidate" bullshit.

Neil Shakespeare said...

I, too, thought it was all over 10 months ago when the media had declared Hillary the winner. I'm surprised those folks in Iowa even bothered to vote. But being wrong the first time does not deter the pundits. David Brooks is declaring Obama now the next president and Edwards' political career over for finishing second. And nobody is giving credit to the real media God in all of this, Oprah. I can pundit too, so I declare Oprah will be the next V.P. Do we all get new cars?

Kathy said...

I think we're in for more surprises from these primaries before everything is done. The media has been pushing Clinton and Romney on us, but if the people in Iowa are representative of the rest of the country, they aren't buying it.

As you pointed out, we've had enough of the Bushes and Clintons. It time for change (and not the kind of change Romney suddenly found after Iowa).