Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sometimes Someone's There To Make Mike Huckabee Seem Plausible

I'm always alternately amused amazed and angered when I read an account following the latest Republican debate. Amused as they fall all over each other in an attempt to appeal to their base by offering the biggest tax cuts in history. Which then makes me angered as I realize that the tax cuts are what has lead us down the road to Deficitville, one of the reasons the economy is stinking like Dick Cheney's undisclosed location after a particularly long weekend of heightened terror alerts. But mostly I'm amazed at the almost willful display of ignorance being offered to those who would vote Republican.Usually the most amazing statements are made by unbrainwashed's own personal whipping boy, Rudy "I-couldn't-beat-a-carpetbagging-Hillary-in-my-own-state-how-will-I-beat-her-in-a-national-race-why-am-I-still-in-the-race-when=I-haven't-placed-in-a-single-primary-America's-mayor-Mr.-9/11" Ghouliani. In another bold display of bad decision making in the face of contrary analysis, Mr. 9/11 Man made this naive statement:
"I see 20 or 30 million people coming out of poverty in China every year," said Guiliani. "To me, that's 20 or 30 million more customers for the United States."

And what, pray tell, does Rudolph propose we sell to China? I'm sure he sees it as an opportunity to sell them more of his wonderful "consulting" capabilities, but the for the rest of the country, most of the things that our corporations sell are made in China to begin with, how does that create jobs?


libhom said...

Giuliani always has been a corrupt politician. His comments on China were fishing for campaign contributions from corporate interests who are shipping US jobs to China.

Dusty said...

Sweet Jaysus..he said that? He friggin said that???

I can't believe he is that ignorant.

Their economy is great, they just had double digit growth for the fifth year in a row..and ours..

Well, you know how ours is doing. China OWNS us and Rudy is a fucking moron.

Graeme said...

Benito Guiliani is the biggest moron running for president. And that's a fucking accomplishment.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Sadly, we won't have America's 9-11 Mayor to kick around much longer.
Goodbye, Rudy Tuesday.