Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tell Us The One About How You Invented The Internet, Senator Clinton

Hmmmm. "35 years of change".
In 1973, touch tone phones were becoming the rage, although they were still attached to the wall, so you couldn't talk on them in your car, or at the supermarket, so personal conversations were personal, not the property of everyone in earshot.
In 1973, news was reported to us by journalists, who actually investigated corruption and wrong doing. News focused on stories of the day and weren't celebrity obsessed nor tabloid-like offerings designed to pull in more ratings, but rather a respected part of a network's schedule. We only had three networks to choose from, and every night they all went off the air.
In 1973, the majority of consumer goods purchased by Americans were still manufactured in the US. Not only that, but we still exported goods to be sold in other countries apart from the munitions and other war weaponry which is pretty much all we export now. Many households were still one-income households, which was sufficient to support a family.
In 1973 there actually was an opposition party that vigorously investigated wrong doing by the executive branch...............

One could be a wag and point out all the advancements made since 1973 (the internet for one), and I welcome them, as well as I could make more points (for instance, in 1973, public opposition to an illegal war actually mattered and helped to bring it to an end) but in the end all these wonderful changes Sen. Clinton is taking credit for have only been good for the elite in the country at the expense of everyone else, especially the quickly vanishing middle class (which was thriving in 1973).

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Lizzy said...

She finally cracked today. Did you see it?

When I saw her choke up, all I could think of was that line from "A League of Their Own," but with a slight slant:

There's no crying in politics!