Sunday, September 20, 2009

Guilty Dinner Party Girls

How much is a dinner with Sarah Palin worth to you? Factoring in, of course, the cost of the trip to Alaska, would you pay $63,500, proceeds of which go to Ride 2 Recovery, an organization that helps our "wounded warriors" cope with losing a limb in a pointless war designed to line the pocket of Republican Party donors? Well, Cathy Maples of Huntsville, Ala did just that. Ms. Maples is a "big advocate" for Palin, and would love to see her as president. I guess Maples isn't counting on Ralin quitting when things get rough, like she did when she was governor of Alaska. (Notice the article refers to her as former Republican vice presidential candidate and not as the job quitting former governor of Alaska)
In these tough economic times, brought on in part by reckless government spending in a war against a country that posed no threat to the US, very few of us can make a one time payment of that much money, plus round trip air fare to dine with the Retardican Party's icon of dimwittedness, but not everyone is struggling in this economy.
So what does the unassuming Ms. Maples do for a living that affords her such a luxury when many Americans are taking to the street feeling the pinch of an oppressive government taxing them to death? Why, she's a defense contractor, one of the people who are still manufacturing something this country still exports, death and mayhem. I'm not sure how much she is raking in as the government exploits stupid people's paranoia, but it only seems fair that to those who sacrificed a limb to make sure Iraq's oil is denominated in petrodollars and UNOCAL can build a pipeline through Afghanistan, that the people who profited from it give a very little back. Oh, and so profiteers like Cathy Maples can still spend frivolously on meals with whacked out politicos like Sarah Palin. It's a small sacrifice to make so that so few can live so much better than the rest of us because of our socialized defense department.


Tom Harper said...

I'd rather have dinner with Tina Fey.

I guess we should be grateful that America is still exporting something. If it weren't for guns and Christianity, we'd be exporting absolutely nothing.

Snave said...

Great post, Lew. I'm disgusted enough that I can't really think of anything to say, other than "How did things get to this point?"

I agree about the dinner date, Tom.

I also agree about our exports. If we can't blow them to pieces with the guns and weapons, I guess we can always try brainwashing them. Brainwashing has worked here in our own country with vast numbers of marching fundamentalist Christian/Republicorn automatons... why not try it around the rest of the world?

libhom said...

Sarah Palin would have to pay me millions to eat with her. She is so repulsive.