Friday, September 25, 2009

One More Time And I'll Be Marching With The Teabaggers

When then-President Bush announced the Wall Street bailout, I was very much opposed to it. These "free-market" devotees should practice what they preach, and if the market couldn't support them, they deserved to go under.
When the automakers bailout came out, I had mixed feelings, being from Michigan where almost every other person (an exaggeration) is involved in the auto industry. But in the end, anyone with enough foresight could have seen this coming when many jobs in the auto industry were shipped to Mexico and Canada. (that whole NAFTA thing) The service industry jobs lauded to replace manufacturing don't pay enough for people to afford $25,000 cars.
Now, they want to bailout newspapers. This is too much.
On any day in the fair city of Grand Rapids, you can walk into your local supermarket, and see a representative of the Grand Rapids Press, standing at a lectern, ready to sign you up for delivery and hand you your free copy of the Press. There aren't many takers, as the copy given you is fresh out of coupons and is all content-if you can call wire service reports and local sports scores news. I don't know how good your local paper is, but here, in the heart of Conservia, it plain sucks.
On January 15, 2003, when protesters around the globe gathered to protest the US intentions on invading Iraq, the Press gave it a tiny square on the back of page one. In the meanwhile, the local Clear Channel gathering to "support our troops" got the full front page of the Metro section.Liberal media bias, no doubt.
I finally gave up on the Press when, after having been banned from submitting letters to the editorial page, I submitted one using a pseudonym in 2005. In the letter, I referenced the Downing Street Memo, or Minutes, as they are known in the UK. A damning piece of evidence that stated that "....the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy..." of invasion for Iraq. You know, the forged Yellowcake Uranium documents from Nigeria, the weather balloon station portrayed as a mobile chemical weapons lab, etc, etc. I received, later that day, a request from the editor of the paper of a link to this "memo", which should have been front page news, but, and this is something for you Teabaggers to keep in mind, dissent against the Bush regime was akin to treason, and exposing the lies they perpetrated was tantamount to sedition. Can't let the people know they're sending their children over there to die for a lie.
So now I can add this to the growing list of things my tax dollars going for that I oppose. The endless quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan, the upcoming excursions into Iran and Pakistan, bailouts for billionaires, and now propping up the propaganda. Fuck them all.

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Tom Harper said...

If printed newspapers go the way of the pony express, that's the way it goes. I still buy our local paper (in a town of 20,000) but if it went under nobody would miss it.

Definitely no bailouts for them.