Sunday, May 29, 2005

Must be A Republican

This is something that has been on my mind for a while and I thought I'd just get it off my chest. When Martha Stewart was convicted of insider trading, rather than appeal it, she chose to take personal responsibility and serve her sentence, light as it was. Now I look at someone like Ken Lay, and wonder, do you think he'll ever see the inside of a courtroom, let alone the inside of a country club prison? Compare the two: Martha Stewart sold stock and pocketed $54,000, Ken Lay walked away with millions. Martha Stewart is FOB, Ken Lay had a desk at the White House. So this rationalization, weak as it may be, leads me to believe that there are a number of crimes yet unsolved that the mainstream media chooses to ignore that must have been perpetrated by Republicans.
Like the Anthrax letters. How obvious do you have to be? I mean they sent it to Tom Daschle, a Democrat. Now if the terrorists really wanted to hurt our nation, do you think he'd send it to the leader of the most spineless political party in the world? They know what lab it came from, they have video of an unauthorized entry at that lab, they tried to railroad some other guy, the only answer? Must be a Republican.
In the weeks before 9-11, some one was trading a lot of put options on airline stock that happened to be affected by the events on that horrible day. Since you can not buy stocks anonymously, the identity of this person is known. This person, who was banking on a national tragedy, had advanced knowledge of the attacks, thereby making him an accomplice to the most deadly day in the history of our country. Yet not only has this person not been named, they have not even been arrested. Why? Must be a Republican.
I would almost dare to say that 9-11 hijackers were Republican, since both Bush and Cheney resisted any investigation in to the whole matter, but I know that Republicans only believe in a cause enough to have someone else die for it, they would never die for it themselves.
Now we have a President who lied to Congress, and deliberately had intelligence fixed to support those lies. Illegally invaded another country, violating the constitution as well as international law. Where's the impeachment like Ol' Slick Willie got for lying? Oh yeah, I forgot, Bush is a Republican.

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