Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Poll Shows Growing Number of Americans Are Fucking Idiots

In a new AP/Ipsos poll, 48 percent of Americans now support Bush's illegal wiretapping and surveillance, up from forty two percent last month. This is due in part to a propaganda campaign played throughout the corporate media preying on people's ignorance of the law and their fears of a terrorist attack. What wasn't divulged was that Bush was spying on antiwar protestors and religious groups such as the Quakers.
Seizing the momentum, Bush used a speech today to tout the stop of a terrorist attack in 2002 that would have operatives fly airplanes in to the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. The plot was stopped when an alQaeda operative was arrested by a Southeast Asian nation. How any of this actually ties in to the illegal campaign to spy on Americans was not made clear, but Bush invoked September 11 and Osama Bin Laden enough times to create the fear necessary to cloud the judgement of brainwashed Americans across the country.
The Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles complained that this was the first time he learned of this watching Bush's remarks on TV, but Press Secretary said the White House notified American officials before going public with this story, who were grateful to use the opportunity to exploit this matter for political gain.


Anonymous said...

The poll numbers seem outrageous, but I think they reflect less on trust for Bush, as they do on dislike of the overtly stupid liberal movement. I'm a moderate, have never voted for Bush, but am often turned off, even shifted twords the conservative side, by the overwhealming liberal assault on anything that is Bush. The liberal, pot smoking, mouth brathing, same sex marrying minority do not speak for the common man or woman. They are looked on with disdain. They appear to hate anything to do with religion(unless muslim),improved education(school vouchers would hurt the liberal teachers union), strict court sentencing(might offend the black and pedophile voters),immigration enforcement( might offend the gay or pedophile latino voter{most non-gay pedophile vote conservative}),and on and on....
The "Liberal" thinkers are hurting progress in my opinion. They are bruising the field for the moderate(left or right)thinkers, by setting a strict rule of turn left, or turn right. They have and are making moderate fence sitters feel uncomfortable speaking freely because they might feel the war is wrong, but also abortion. They might think election reform is truely needed, but Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan are way off base. They might think the war and Bush are wrong, but they love Jesus, and are proud of that.
Liberals are killing there own audience before they buy tickets.

Lew Scannon said...

So, how do you feel about Bush's asault on the Constitution? How do you feel about him lying to you as to why went to war in Iraq?
And I guess since you're so into education, I guess you'd be pretty upset that Bush is cuting funding for education so he can spend more money on the war in Iraq.
If you are such a law and order type, as your comment about strct sentencing, how about the crimes committed by Bush and his administration, specifically, Section 18, US Code 793 &794, which states that the outing of a covert intelligence operative is a crime punishable by death? Or violating the law on illegal surveillance of Americans? Where is your outrage over that?
And how about the conservatives, who are also bruising the field for a moderate by setting a strict rule of turn, "you are either for us or you are for our enemy".
As i read your comment, I wonder if you know where you are at. "most non-gay pedophile vote conservative" If pedophiles vote conservative, that's one more reason not to vote for them. "immigration enforcement" didn't Bush just grant amnesty to all illegal aliens? How does immigration enforcement offend the gay or pedophile latino vote?
And finally, most Liberals are not pot smokers, or same sex marrying. They are the common man. they are the factory workers who are losing their jobs because greedy CEO's are sending their jobs away from America to appease greedy stockholders. they are concerned parents who want a quality education for their children in schools with limited class size, an education improvement that the teacher's union is fighting for. Voucher won't improve education, only take money away from education to fund religious indoctrination, which is the duty of the parent, not the government. And finally, an overwhelming majority of Christians are liberal as well, including Jesus himself. Look to his teachings, and not the ramblings of the disinformation network that has twsited your mind, and you will see that it is the "pedophile"(your words, do you know what that word means?) who vote conservative do not speak for Christians, nor do they speak for the common man.

Anonymous said...

Am I surprised...not really. Numerous polls over the years have shown support for a Constitutional Convention hovering at around 46% percent. Interpreted one way, it shows that almost half of America is in favor of replealing the Constitution and starting over--one possible outcome, though not necessarily the mandate of a Constitutional Convention.

As for what the anonymous coward said...How can you treat anybody who says something like, "most non-gay pedophile vote conservative," seriously. Like the bile that spews out of Bill O'Reilly's mouth, it's good only for yucks.

Lew Scannon said...

I'm convinced that polls are not used to reflect opinion, rather, they are used to create opinion since most people are afraid to be in the minority.
and I think my anonymous friend is confused on what he really is, he sounds more like a conservative masquerading as a moderate. Everyone knows moderates are more tolerant of pedophiles, at least the non-gay ones.

Karma's Bitch said...

"I'm convinced that polls are not used to reflect opinion, rather, they are used to create opinion"

Polls also are skewed by who they poll. In a class we did a research project that really proved how irrelevant polls are by getting people to admit that college is unnecessary and yet who were they-college students.

Anonymous needs to look at the fact that most people are not as he/she describes, trollism. Just trollism.

Lily said...

Lew: check out Earl Bockenfeld when you have extra time. Well written, and smart.

Neil Shakespeare said...

That's an old poll, I think. At least it appears unchanged from the old polls...