Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Last Words On Danish Cartoons

Parading my contest winning (or was is it losing?) profile around the blogosphere last night, I visited a lot of sites. Right wing, left wing, they all agreed on one thing. TheMuslims were wrong to over react to catoons published in Denmark. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, even if they happen to be hypocritic.
In the eyes of the Muslim peoples, the Bush administration has declared a War on Islam. Using propaganda, they have successfully used Congress to force a vote on Iran at the UN. Iran is an Islamic country that is building a nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, North Korea, which is not a Muslim country, already has developed nuclear weapons and has the ability to strike the US, yet the US has made no threat against them. In the eyes of Islam, this is evdence that the War on terror, North Korea being part of Bush spurious "axis of evil", is really against Islam.
In Pakistan, a couple of weeks ago, the US sent an armed drone into a party of people in an attempt to take out the head of al Qaeda. The result killed a number of innocent people, but was unsuccessful in it's intended goal. The people who were killed? Muslim, to which the Bush administration never formally apologized, or even took responsibility for the mistake.
Recently, more pictures of brutal torture and abuse were released from Abu Ghraib prison . these pictures show US military personell subject people to numerous violations of the Geneva Convention. The victims in these photos? Muslim, every last one of them. From the secret torture prisons the US has scattered all over the darkest corners of the globe, to the Taliban fighters, who, were not part of alQaeda, and whose only crime was defending their homeland from an invasion, are now locked in Guantanamo Bay, in a US prison camp, with no hope for release, simply because they are Muslims.
Everywhere a Muslim is to look, the US has declared war on them. They supported the secular Fatah party in Palestine, and when the Islamic Hamas won, the US threatened to cut funding for the Palestinian Authority. The war in Iraq has killed over 100,000 civilians, an estimate, because Bush declined to count them in the War dead BECAUSE THEY ARE ISLAMIC!!!!!
To add insult to injury the US slipped three insulting pictures into the Danish cartoons to provoke a row between Europe and the Islamic world. The world's only remaining superpower has declared war on Islam, and they have every right to feel persecuted and angry.
Now, I've been to right wing blogs where the Danish editors were praised for exercising their "freedom of speech." And these are the same people who would like to silence war critics at home with a new Sedition law , aimed at those who might think the war in Iraq a bad idea. So, free speech is good, as long as it doesn't take place in the US, and as long as it's directed at Islam.
But even far more disturbing are the left wing blogs that I visited that have criticized the Muslim protest while hailing the Danish freedom of speech. Excuse me, but isn't protest a protected form of free speech? You can condemn the Muslims for over reacting, sure, but to say they have no right to protest is like saying you want your license to blog taken away.
I'm not sure if forgiveness is part of the Islamic religion.But I know it is part of the Christian religion so hopefully you can forgive the Islamic world for feeling a bit persecuted. Because they are.


Lily said...

Interesting perspective.

Wadena said...

Did you see what Bill Clinton said about it in Islamabad a couple of days ago?

Lew Scannon said...

Do you have a link? I don't have cable tv.

Kathleen Callon said...

What did Clinton say?

Wadena said...

Clinton said the cartoonists should be convicted.


Wadena said...

Hmmmm....that didn't really work perfectly.

Well, I'll do a quick post about it on TigerTale.