Saturday, October 04, 2008

John McCain Pals Aound With War Criminal

Following a 2,100 word article in the New York Times (which total discredit any claims to the contrary), Sarah Palin accused Sen. Obama of "palling around with terrorists". Two can play that game.
Conservatives decry the use of politically correct language, how would they feel if they knew that the invasion of Iraq was a war crime. As well as using torture. That would make George W. Bush a war criminal. And who's that in the above picture, embracing a war criminal? None other than Palin's running mate, John McCain.

Right now,the US is using the MeK to strike inside Iran. The Mek is a terrorist organization. Since George W Bush is commander-in-chief, he has authorized the use of terrorism by the MeK. That makes George Bush a terrorist leader.
John McCain asked last spring “How can you countenance someone who was engaged in bombings that could have or did kill innocent people?”
How, indeed, Sen. McCain?


Anonymous said...

While I think Bush is a terrorist leader and a war criminal, I think it would be a big mistake to make an ad saying that. This would only give the right wing Kool-aid drinkers more ammunition to say "see the dirty tactics the liberals are using. They really hate America". Even though they are more than happy to use that kind of crap against the Democrats.

Tom Harper said...

LOL. I'm glad to see that 2 can play this game.

I think that birthday picture was from 2005. Bush and McCain were celebrating with a giant cake while New Orleans was drowning.

Snave said...

I agree to Anonymous to some extent. I agree that Bush is a war criminal, but until he is proven as such and convicted, I think the left needs to stick with facts. I think that by questioning what Bush has done re. "was it legal, or not?" and as long as they keep associating McCain with Bush, there can be damage done.

McCain has done enough questionable things of his own too... I'd like to see them do some ads about the Keating Five, for example.

I find it galling that the Republicans are trying to revive this Ayers thing. If they don't get any traction with that, they will try some more with Reverend Wright. Those things failed when CLinton was campaigning against Obama... do they really think they can get mileage out of a "been there tried that already" ploy?

Today McCain was talking about how if Obama repeats something often enough people will believe it... He is taking the words right out of Bush's mouth when he says that! Dumbya said almost the exact same thing when talking about propaganda during the last few years. So I guess he figures if he says Obama pals around with terrorists every day between now and the election people will believe it?

I like to hope they won't, but in today's America I'm not so sure...

libhom said...

"Keating Five" McCain also is a war criminal, along with everyone who voted for the Iraq War. The Iraq war is a war of aggression under international law, which is a crime against humanity.