Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Have Seen The Future Of The GOP And It Ain't Pretty

Call it the Bush legacy. With all the high profile Republican defectors to the Obama camp (Obamicans, if you will), the brain drain in the regular party has begun.
Drill, baby, drill.
Soon, all that will left of the party are people who still stand with President Bush, and those behind the scenes manipulators pulling their strings.
A party of morons (or is that morans?) led by a gang of crooks.
First off, we have Samuel Wurzelbacher, the party operative better known as "Joe the Plumber". Acting as a Palin/McCain surrogate, he was actually called out by Fox News for stating after being asked by a McCain supporter if "a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel."
"I'll go ahead and agree with you on that,"

At the same time, the McCain campaign was going to put out an ad criticizing Obama's policies on Israel. Coincidence? Any questions as to whether or not Wurzelbacher was working for McCain when he approached Barack Obama on the Sunday before the debate?
(Now we know which country Palin/McCain supporters mean when they say "Country First".)
And with Wurzelbacher speculating about a possible congressional run in 2010, that means the possibility of another politicians who "know just enough to kind of be dangerous."
Contrast that with a recent Sarah Palin rally
"Sarah Oh-12!"
Mrs. Palin and supporters see her emerging as the party leader. When introducing her husband, the "First Dude" of Alaska, cries of Duuuuude rang through the crowd, with Palin stating "We need a dude in the White House".
This would cause one to wonder two things: is she campaigning for 2008, or her run in 2012, and, who would actually be in charge in the Palin White House, the one who was elected, or some snowmobile racing intellectual lightweight?


Omnipotent Poobah said...

The fact that you saw their face at all (future or past) is a scary thing. Was the doctor able to repair the damage to your retinas?

PTCruiser said...

"A party of morons (or is that morans?)"

Yeah, it's "morans". I checked.

Snave said...


I have a post up now about Joe too. He stinketh mightily, and if he and Sarah Palin symbolize what the Republican party has beome, then that party needs to die a swift and merciful death for its own sake and for the sake of our country.

The idea that someone could become popular in the media and decide to run for Congress simply because he asked a presidential candidate a question... and probably because the question was orchestrated by the candidate's opponent... arrrgh. The GOP might as well get him into Congress so he can have some credentials for when he becomes Sarah Palin's choice for running mate.

Then again, as absurd as the GOP has been looking lately, I don't think as many people will be taking them seriously in 2012 as there are now, not unless they do some serious "reform" of their approach. I think America will have a much more heightened awareness in 2012 as to whether or not the GOP is foisting inexperienced/unwise/brownshirt chucklehead candidates on the voters.

In the meantime, I think the Dems need to do some informational campaigning. I think they need to emphasize lessons we can learn from history, i.e. how Germany looked in the 1930s. There should also be some discussion of fascism and what it really is, how it works, how it gets started. I think the left needs to do this to counter the accusations of "socialism" being barfed about by the right. The Democrats can't take a breather; soldifying the gains from this year will take lots and lots of work.

Some on the right might argue that the GOP running someone like Wurzelbacher might not be much different than the Dems running a comedian from Minnesota for Senate and maybe getting him elected... but at least with Al Franken there is a very public career and background in which the candidate has demonstrated knowledge, and in some cases wisdom, on a variety of political and social topics.

As for "Joe", he has an agent now. They are going to try to make him into some kind of brand name or industry or whatever. I fully expect some books to come out in the next six months, one by "Joe" himself with some skilled Rovian ghostwriters supplying most of the words. That ought to be enough to get a bunch of the knuckledraggers even more rabid in their "Joe" enthusiasm and propel him to greater heights... Ugh...

Tom Harper said...

Don't worry, the GOP still has a bright future. There are so many Biblethumpers who think the earth is 5,000 years old; chickenhawks who are clamoring to have American soldiers die in as many foreign countries as possible; and dimwits who love to hand taxpayers' money over to a few CEOs, but if a needy person gets any of that money, it's "socialism!"

The Best and the Brightest.