Thursday, October 16, 2008

Post Debate Thoughts

What happens after the election? One of the two major party candidates will go on to the White House, while the other will return to the Senate. This was what I started thinking about last night while I was watching the debate (and liveblogging over at The Guys From Area 51). After being puzzled by the whole Joe The Plumber incident, I began to wonder, who would be most productive in the Senate should they lose the election?
Barack Obama, I believe would lose as gracefully as he has run his campaign, and go back to the Senate where he will continue on.
McCain, however, will not be as gracious in defeat. McCain has already blamed Obama for the negativity of his own campaign, repeating the charge again last night at the debate. And while the GOP keeps making racist attacks on Obama, again and again, last night McCain claimed his feelings were hurt by some statements made about him at Obama rallies by Obamaniacs. Suddenly, Sen. McCain has become sensitive.
Or the biggest baby in the world.


Snave said...

Well, he IS the biggest baby in the world, without a doubt. Anyone who blames his own negative ad campaign on his opponent is not only infantile, but also puerile and stark raving nuts.

I think you are right, he would not be a gracious loser. Who knows what some of his more ardent followers might decide to do...

Tom Harper said...

Joe the Plumber has been getting slandered and smeared by the liberal media and liberal bloggers.

I didn't know that until I read it at a few rightwing blogs. That must have been yesterday's talking point.