Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes, They Have No Shame

AS the presidential campaign winds down towards it's last week and a half, and with their candidate trailing in most polls by double digits, the GOP is getting desperate in it's attempts to switch the narrative of the campaign from how badly their party has screwed up the country to personal smears of the opposition candidate.

First up is this picture, which some purport to portray Barack Obama's moms. Leave it to the party of family values to smear a candidates dead mother. (As the vintage porn collector commented here it's a highly dubious claim) What purpose this serves is beyond me, other than to scare people into thinking that if Obama could get his mother to pose nude before he was born, imagine what he'll do to your mom. This is certainly not an attempt to garner the youth vote, what young woman hasn't had her nude picture taken in these days of digital cameras and video phones?

Next up is the whole Barack Obama birth certificate scandal I received a call today from avid reader Susan, who asked me if it was true that Obama wasn't even born in this country, which, according to Snopes is true. Above is a copy of Sen. Obama's birth certificate, gleaned from the ultra left leaning LA Times This is a tactic that the Clinton campaign tried, look how well it worked for them!
But now Obama's father's identity is called in to question, from a Muslim to an avowed Communist, because everyone knows communism, like Islam,is passed genetically from one parent to the child.
Now we go on the Pennsylvania, where the state McCain campaign was quick to hype the attack hoax, has now been found to be sending out false Obama emails.
There's still a week and a half left. How low will the right wing dirty trick squad go? I believe they'd go to the pits of Hell if they thought it would change the outcome of this election.


Mark said...

Snopesis actuallya pretty good site. here is the actual pice they printed, not a tripl edited one by your friend at some blog.

Obama is a citizen, bottom line.
Only two weeks until this citizen is your socialist leader.

Snave said...

Mark, I think we already have plenty of socialism in this country. Which party is less to blame than the other would be a matter of opinion as well. It seems a lot of the conservatives are calling the bailout socialism, so maybe we can also include farm subsidies and subsidies to the timber industry. Welfare for farmers, loggers, and now bankers. I might call that socialism on the grandest of scales... except that socialism is supposed to help people like you and me.

If it isn't socialism it's at least redistribution of wealth, anyway. That is, taking away what wealth you and I have, and giving it to those who arguably don't need it. The wealth is being redistributed, so that the rich get richer and the rest of us can't get richer, and that's the way Bush intends his tax cuts to work.

And I don't think we can get out of paying for the bailout without paying higher taxes. This will help the rich elite in our country make themselves even richer unless someone rolls back the Bush tax cuts. "Trickle down"? I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being trickled down upon.

The hole in your head may be bigger than the one in your wallet, and the one in your wallet probably gets bigger every day.

Thanks, Republicans, for years of economic and other deregulation. How anyone can vote Republican, with a straight face, for just about ANY candidate this November, is completely beyond me.

Lew, the GOP will indeed stoop to just about anything. It IS like they have to manufacture stuff to distract the voters from how lousy the McCain campaign is being run, from how sad sack McCain is, from the ineptitude of Palin and his error in judgment in choosing her, etc. If it was going that badly for the Dems, I would think they'd be relying on nasty crap too.

But yeah, there is still a lot of time left. I won't relax unless Obama wins, and I won't believe it until I wake up and hear it repeatedly on the news on Wednesday Nov. 5.

libhom said...

This just shows how evil Republicans really are.