Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Cheney Bailout

Dick Cheney canceled a campaign appearance over an abnormal heart rate, and I think, wait a minute! Dick Cheney has a heart?
Really this started me thinking for two other reasons.
One, how much does it cost the American tax payer on an annual basis to keep this decrepit old fart alive? Cheney abused his body throughout his life, yet the final costs are being borne not by Cheney himself, but by the American taxpayer. How many of these obscenely wealthy people are we going to allow to feed off the public tit?
Two, Cheney has a 18% approval rating. Unless those 18 percentile are all living in congressional candidate Marty Ozinga's district, why would he want Dick Cheney to campaign for him? The man is even more of a political pariah than George W Bush and John McCain combined, a ringing endorsement from Cheney would be more akin to a kiss of death.
Perhaps Cheney, never the great crowd drawer to begin with, was asked by the Ozinga campaign not to appear, since people have had enough of Bush and Cheney. Rather than actually have to admit it, they instead went with the "abnormal heartbeat" route.


Anonymous said...

Well he is the vice-president, regardless of how you feel about him he deserves good medical care.
I have the same coverage he does; I also have two step children who use it as much as I do, there dad does have insurance, but the co-pay is too high, and my insurance is just better.
My point, not everyone who has government insurance is a crook. We can't choose who should be covered on that basis.

Tom Harper said...

Dick Cheney's heart and Nancy Reagan's pelvis (I think there's a raunchy joke in there somewhere) were both treated at taxpayers' expense. Socialized medicine!