Sunday, July 03, 2005

Jerry Fallwell: Leader of the Sheeple, or Who Cares About a Traitor in the White House We've Got A Supreme Court To Pack

When the Bush Administration claimed it had documents proving Saddam Hussein was trying to acquire Nigerian yellow cake uranium, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson investigated these claims and found them to be false, the documents crude forgeries. Someone from the Bush Administration then retaliated by exposing Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame as a CIA operative, which is a treasonous offense as she was working undercover at the time.
Now it appears that the source of the leak is none other than Karl Rove, (http:/// . Applying Socratic logic it follows that:
  1. Exposing intelligence agents is an act of treason in a time of war.
  2. Karl Rove exposed Valerie Plame
  3. Karl Rove is a traitor

Now, seeing how conservatives were so delighted to call anti-war protesters as 'giving aid and comfort to the enemy', their silence in this open act of treason has been more than deafening.

Nowhere was this made more clear to me than this morning. In the wake of Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement announcement, Jerry Fallwell was preaching not the word of God, but the word of Jerry as told to by the GOP. In the fifteen seconds I caught before the kids went "Yaaauuugh! Church tv!" and switched it off, Ol' Jerry mentioned 'activist judges', 'gay marriages' and 'abortion rights' in a sermon that had more to do with reactionary right wing politics than any real religious experience or Biblical matter.

You see, as I'm sure Jerry went on to explain, God wants for the sheeple to pray for George W. Bush to guide him as he seeks a replacement for Ms. O' Connor (well, maybe not Ms.) as well as the other two expected retirees from the court in the next three years. In fact, according to sources, the reason O'Connor voted to stop the recount in Florida, one that would have proven Al Gore the winner, was that she wanted to retire and didn't want to replaced by a liberal.

I'm sure as well that Jerry went on about needing judges who respected life (which, oddly includes abortions, but excludes deaths caused by a rogue superpower intent on implementing it's twisted version of democracy on countries unfriendly to US business practices) and used the Bible as guidance, as opposed to the constitution.

What Mr. Fallwell is doing is not so much informing his followers as he is acting as their knowledge filter. I'm sure when Ol' Jerry moans about 'activist judges' 'legislating from the bench' he forgets to inform them that the purpose of the judicial branch is to provide checks and balances on the legislative and executive branches of the government. When a law passed is challenged before the court, it is the duty of the judge to determine if that law violates our constitutional rights. And if, in their interpretation of the constitution, that law is wrong, it is struck down. No activism, just checks and balances. What conservatives fail to realize, or maybe they do, is that the Constitution is really a liberal piece of work, with it's separation of powers, rights, and all those other liberal ideas.

What Fallwell and Co. are looking for is an end to abortion, as it has proven to have created a shortage of cannon fodder for their Holy War against the infidels (who are fighting a Holy War against the infidels) and in order for Jesus to come back, big oil, I mean, Israel, must control the Middle East, with Good Sheeple as their slavvering lackeys. Then the rapture comes, all good Christians float up to Heaven, Israel controls the World and God is happy.

Also, they wish for a return to prayer in the Public Schools, because in order for Christian brainwashing to be effective, it must be started at an early age. More Christians means more money for Mr Fallwell. More sheeple mean more votes for whoever meets Mr. Fallwell's agenda.And who was it that said prayer in school violated the constitutions separation of church and state? The Supreme Court!

So don't worry about the President, who had documents forged, nor those in his administration who commit acts of treason, nor the illegal war they started in Iraq or the torture of prisoner of war(oh, excuse me I mean enemy combatant detainees) the important thing is to pack the Supreme Court with the morals of Jerry Fallwell. Which, if reflected in the corrupt government he supports, are seriously lacking.

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