Saturday, July 02, 2005

Jesus is The Flavor of the Weak

Jesus' followers are generally weak people with no control over there natural biological urges with out fear of damnation hanging over there heads. Christianity is used by the ruling elite to keep the sheep in the flock instead of wanting what the wealthy have. Christians sleep better knowing that when they die, they go to heaven, while, the rich man has a better chance of riding a camel through the eye of needle. Of course when they die, and there is no heaven to go to, it's too late, they got screwed and the rich keep getting richer.
Christians vote based not on their own religious beliefs, but on the beliefs of the candidates they support. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both claim to be Christians, both are pathological liars. A Christian wouldn't commit adultery, and if he does, his sins are forgiven only if they are the right kind of Christian. A Christian wouldn't bear false witness (i.e., forge documents) so they could kill (i.e., invade Iraq) to steal (take Iraqi oil), yet the same Christian right who despised Bill Clinton's indiscretions seem to have absolved George Bush of all his.

But the Jesus they worship is myth, no more real than Superman or Winnie-The -Pooh. A book available at details how The story of Rabbi Jesus and Judas Khrest became the New Testament. The book is by a man who actually studied Old copies of the Bible. In the original languagem of Aramaic. The English language King James version (written By Francis Bacon) is actually five languages removed from the original language of the Bible. So before you start thumping your Bible in my face and telling me I'm doomed as a non-believer, read this book and then tell me how I'm going to Hell.


i am just me said...

Jesus is the answer to many..the question you must answer is what is the answer to me?
What is it that you truly worship?
find the answer and then put together a plan to serve it as your most sensitive project should be handled...with care.
Religion is only what you make of not be coerced or let down by the majority that surrounds you, but trust your heart, and always do what is right for you and the children(saw the picture) that you love.
Prepare for everything, because you never know what God, yours or thiers, is going to throw at you.
Good luck.

Lew Scannon said...

Thanks. Good advice, with or without Jesus.