Monday, July 25, 2005

Dick Cheney Before He Dicks You

Dick Cheney has said that he will not run in 2008 and may step down for "health reasons". (He's just sick about all the money he could be making at Halliburton). This would allow W to appoint a new VP (Jeb? Rudy? Colin?) who would be the Republican candidate in 2008, as a battle for the nomination could rip the Party apart. Unless Israel has decided that Hillary will be our next president.
That is, if there even is an election. For some reason, Cheney built a concrete bunker under his residence in DC in the months after 9/11. Since he probably was in the loop on that whole thing, perhaps some terrible is being planned for DC, on the nuclear scale.
Why else would Cheney have contingency plans drawn up to nuke Iran? Even if there was nothing linking them to the "terror attack"? Since the Bush Administration has made it very clear they intend on going to Iran, how soon will the "terror attack" occur? Within the next ninety days!,2933,161962,00.html Like 9/11 and 7/7 it will likely occur during a drill with ethnic types going through the motions while Israeli/American intelligence operatives carry out the real attack.
I'm sure the date will be significant, as in 9/11 or 7-7, perhaps this will be August Twelfth. (8-12 or ate one too) Since this will a more widespread attack, where else will it occur? (I feel safe where I am as both Pete Secchia and the DeVos family live in the area and we, I mean the terrorists would never nuke them)
Everyday we take one step closer to being the Evil Empire, with Cheney as the Emperor. (W would be like Jar-Jar) It sickens me because I know they did not seize power legally. They have been corrupt and secretive on every matter. Judith Miller is in jail because she is either being protective of Cheney, or she's afraid what will happen to her if she rats him out. Before 9/11, Cheney was drawing up plans to split up Iraq's oilfields at his secret energy task force meetings.
How did he know he was going to have an excuse to do it? Has he already divvied up Iran's oilfields? Does he know that the Russians would consider it an act of war to blow up one of the reactors they are building for Iran? Is that why he built that bomb shelter under his house? Or is that where he's going to go in case the American people get wise to him and decide to tar and feather him?



How about the UK deciding it is now ok to kill its own, as long as they look Muslim.
I am becoming more and more frazzled by the way the free world is going.
It is almost as if there really is some scam, and I am not one to fertilize conspiracies with my belief in them, but everything today just seems so sureal.
Sometimes I catch myself thinking that the small shit that has happened to me was in fact a small facit of something greater. Its like this. I live in a country full of like minded people, but my brother paul lives in UK, and all his friends, most of whom are "liberal", have all either met with personal, financial, or vocational downfalls. They have all been knocked down three to four pegs on the order of things.
I wonder about them, especially with the latest news of the poor guy from Brazil.
I wonder about a lot of shit, and sometimes, if in the right mood, start getting scared of who my neighbor is, or who he might really be.
Did I make any sense?
Good post, on top of shit as usual.

Lew Scannon said...

Yes, you make sense. The idea is to keep you afraid, in the US anyway, so you can't think clearly and spend money on crap you don't need, made in China (see Marilyn Manson in "Bowling For Columbine"). You are not supposed to be friendly with your neighbor, if the two of you got together and put the puzzle together, the harder it would be for them to continue with this "war on terror". While the UK shooting is a tragedy, in America, on Fox, the victim was a "terror suspect" even after the London police stated he wasn't. In America, our police shoot indiscriminately all the time, shooting an unarmed immigrant in NYC 41 times.This was before 9/11. There is one conspiracy theory I've read where the one percenters are about reducing world population by seventy five percent. I don't believe it, but it does seem to be the way things are going.