Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You're A Dirty Commie, Too

When I was a lad, there was nothing feared more than a dirty commie. They enslaved their people, they broke treaties, they invaded countries (sound familiar?) and generally wanted to take over the world. Eventually, the Soviet Union went broke because they didn't export a whole lot and they spent most their money on the military as they tried to conquer the world and keep up in the arms race with the US.
China is a communist country too, a dictatorship with a human rights record worse than ours has become since 9/11. They will never go broke because they are being supported by, well, you and me. Most everything we buy is made in China.
It's a strange occurence where two belief systems diametrically opposed to each other (Christian capitalism, Godless communism) can come to a mutual understanding. Maybe it's because they both get to exploit the Chinese laborer as well as the American consumer. The American consumer doesn't care if what they'll die with out is made in China, commies aren't a threat any more. They're more preoccupied with the "war on terror" to think about how their cash is being used to support a brutal dictatorship. As long as it's inexpensive.
And they certainly can't read the writing on the wall. The US doesn't export a whole lot. Our government is spending most of our money fighting a war to conquer the world. Eventually, we'll go broke.
Then the Godless Chinese communists will be sitting over there in Beijing with wads of American dollars in their hands. And all we'll have to sell them is our people, most our property will be owned by Europe. Then the whole world will fall under the way of communism, just like Marx predicted. All because you had to have some useless trinket that was made in China.

You Dirty Commie supporter.



The problem with your country is your arrogance. Every day I see americans come over from and most(not all) act as if they should be treated differently then everyone else. They think that those Canadians speaking french are doing so to piss them off, well they are doing it because it was there first language, and for no other reason.
The only person I really respect from there is Moore, but i think he will eventually get tired of the crap and move north.
Your government is a bunch of grifters, your military are bullies, your police are rights abusers, your president, well, where would I start??
So it makes me wonder, why does most of the world hate them? Why are they targets of attack? It is because of the way they act. Whens the last time terrorists attacked us???????
You see, we do things right. If your gay, you can get married, if you like to get high, smoke weed in one of our decriminalized cafes, like hookers, hire one legally, like freedom, pleanty of that, want to get sick and your unemployed, its ok, we'll pay for it, like accurate vote counts? your in the right place, ever heard of an honest politician? we have, need an abortion, its on the house, the only group we don't have is those that hate the government, because there is no way they would exist.
If i were unlucky enough to be an american I would defect.
Come north my friend, a better life waits for you and your family up here.

Lew Scannon said...

Sounds pretty tempting, but I don't think my ex would let me bring the kids up there. But you see, if your country was as bad as ours, you would be pissed off like I am. But, yes, you are right on the money.