Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bush Supporters Are Unpatriots

Get your damn flag out of my face! Soldiers have died fighting for the Constitution that flag represents. Don't tell me to shut up and get behind the President, the Constitution gives me the right to dissent, and That's the same Constitution George Bush swore to uphold with his hand on the Bible, for Chrissakes! But nothing in the current administration has any thing to do with the United States of America.

  1. America is a democracy. Well, actually, we're a republic, but still, we do hold elections. And the American way is nice clean elections. Bush's idea of democracy is Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, or Iraq, 2005. http://www.wsws.org/articles/2005/jul2005/iele_j26.shtml
  2. America opposes torture. We oppose it so much, we expressly forbid "cruel and unusual" punishment. We signed the Geneva accords which also bans it. Humans captured and held prisoner in the course of war are prisoners of war. Changing their title to "enemy combatants" only fools the idiots who haven't thought far enough ahead to reason that if we do it, it gives our enemies an excuse to do it, too. I'm sure that if they were allowed to see the pictures that would make Donald Rumsfeld blanche http://editorandpublisher.com/eandp/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000990590 they may see the evil our country has become. Perhaps that's why the Pentagon won't release them.
  3. America is free enterprise. Giving no-bid contract after no-bid contract to a company misusing funds and overcharging the taxpayer is not free enterprise, it's theivery.
  4. America is about justice. You know, like it says at the end of the pledge of allegiance "..with liberty and justice for all". What does it say about American justice when a potetially innocent man is executed in Texas, while a traitor to the American people stays in the White House. The CIA operation exposed by Mr. Rove was monitoring weapons of mass destruction around the world and now is unable to do so, endangering the American citizen. You would almost think that the Bush Administration wants the "terrorists" to attack http://politics.guardian.co.uk/iraq/comment/0,12956,1036687,00.html and you'd probably be right.
  5. America is a non-aggressor nation. We have never stood for conquest of any sovereign nation for the sole purpose of stealing their vital natural resources.

Today on the radio, it said some organization voted Canada the stupidest government in the world, but I don't remember Canada doctoring evidence to justify an illegal invasion. It never made it's token lackey stand before the whole world with a bunch of false documents (that the whole world outside these borders knew was fake). I'm sure the Prime Minister of Canada can pronounce nuclear. No, the only thing dumber than our government are the moronic flag waving unpatriots that support it still. Some people will never be unbrainwashed, right Judus?


judas said...

You lew, are a fucking God hating, America hating, order hating, pussy. You make all of us who know that this countries success is dependent on a sharpe blade,you make us seem like fools, but that fool is you litle man.
George Bush won both times, and slaughtered kerry. I can somewhat understand you wishing Gore had won, as he had the popular vote, but, sorry for you, the electoral vote is all that matters in this country.
You suggest that changing titles of POW's to enemy combatants somehow encourages the muslim fuck enemy to attack us...once again, your a weak man and always will be.
The reason Haliburton is the recipient of so much wealth during this conflict is that they were the one company prepared to handle the mission at hand, which is to support the USA in the killing of muslim fucks.
America is not a non-aggression nation, it is a pro-active nation that will stand for nothing that will cause it's precious structure to be comprimised. The muslim fucks have attempted to comprimise it, and they will be destroyed.
The one thing I agree with you on is that Canada is the stupidest nation on earth, as they give free and easy access to the muslim fucks that wish to leave your childeren and parents lying in a pool of there own blood.
My question about the nuclear thing is not how you pronounce it, but how often you have to. The President uses that world on a daily basis with meaning, you use it as a joke you fuckin muslim supporting bitch.

Lew Scannon said...

Judus, once again you overlook the constitution. It clearly states that Congress shall make no laws barring any religion or establishment thereof. Perhaps if we weren't supporting Israel as it commits genocide against the Palestinians the people of Islam wouldn't be trying to kill us. Perhaps if we hadn't made the natural resources under their feet more valuable than their lives, they wouldn't be trying to kill us. You are truly brainwashed, sir, America is about freedom and democracy, not stuffing ballot boxes (as in Iraq) or throwing black people off the voting roles (as in Florida).
As for our "precious" structure, it has been compromised by a President who is unable to uphold the constitution, and supporters who are too brainwashed to realize that we are the terrorists, they are just retaliating. Turn off your FOX News propaganda channel and read.

judas said...

So, what you are saying is that the muslim fucks are not to blame, but us, the USA???
I can't believe people who think like you are allowed to live in this country. My son was killed by a minortiy while responding to a store robbery, and it frightens me to think that you are living peacefully and happy under the warmth and comfort of the blanket of protection that he provided.
If you hate the USA so much, and feel that she has let you down so much, then I think it is time for you to either leave, or do the honorable thing and kill yourself(how about a suicide bomb??)
You are not a man, just a pathetic faggot who lives off other peoples( fellow countrymans) accomplishments. What have you ever done for this country or for society as a whole. Nothing I suspect.
You are as worhtless as a muslim fuck. All of you are.

Lew Scannon said...

Judas, Judas, Judas, even your name says traitor. I have every right to say what I like, this is America. I'm certain that when that scumbag Bill Clinton was in office you had a lot of nice things to say about him. I am not saying that Bush and Co. panned 9/11, they merely allowed it to happen to serve their goal of total world domination, which is not what America is about. I am sorry your son was killed while responding to a robbery. I had nothing to do with it and would wish nothing but punishment for the perpetrator. And if Saddam had anything to with 9/11 (he didn't), anything to do with worldwide terrorism (he didn't) or had weapons of mass destruction he intended on using against the US (he didn't), I would say we needed to invade.
Your brainwashing shows when you refer to your son's muderer as a "minority". It still would be a tragedy even if he wasn't one. While Muslims are a minority, not all minorities are Muslims.
It's typical of your type, who spent eight years bitching about Bill Clinton, and I had to listen every one of you, to say I hate America. I love America, and want it to the country it's founders originally intended, not to act as the rogue nation evil empire that has become under the Bush regime. If we are truly fighting for democracy, then it should be a true democracy voted by the will of the people, not a puppet regime, designed to do not what's right for it's people, but what's right for corporate America, the same people who are deserting America for greener(back) pastures. I'm sorry that you have to resort to name calling, I'm sure your son would be very proud.