Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday Morning Disinformation Nation

Woke up before the kids today, so I decided to look at the tv to see what was up. The local Fox affiliate was broadcasting Jerry Fallwell's latest scam to fleece the flock. If you didn't have to pay taxes, you'd always have your hand out, too.
The local NBC affiliate was wrapping up Sunday Today with a statement by a mother to the killer/rapist of her young daughter. Then they announced that the mother was going to be interviewed Monday on Today. Then, they cut to Tim Russert announcing he was going to have Fred Thompson on, point man for the Bush Administration's latest judicial nominee.
I switched to the local ABC affiliate, they had some other palm-extended televangilist, so I went back to Fox as I no longer have cable and it was the top of the hour.
Fox News Sunday opened up with a story about the "terror suspect" (their words) gunned down by British Police in the tube last week. They then cut to the head of London police profusely apologizing for gunning down an innocent man. Then they brought out the apologists and propagandists who would be appearing on their fair and balanced show, including PNAC shill Bill Kristol. I can't stand that fucker, as they all seem to defer to him on everything. They, too, were discussing the latest Supreme Court nominee, with Alberto Gonzales. So I switched off the tv.
Most of the time, during the week, the tv stays off. There are a couple syndicated shows I may watch with dinner, I have yet to find a prime time show worthy of my attention (except for the Simpson's). When the kids visit, the only thing they watch are tapes or movies we rent. I don't read the local paper, unless they decide to print a letter of mine, but usually I have to include links to my sources of information as no one at the Press heard about the Downing Street Memo, Joseph Wilson, or any of the other crimes of the Bush administration.



I watch south park, anythin g on nick at nite, and the food network. That is all.

Lew Scannon said...

Did you ever catch "That's My Bush" on Comedy Central? It was by the same guys who do "South Park". The show poked fun at sitcom cliche's in the guise of the Bush White House. There was a wacky neighbor who was always barging in, a sassy maid, the dumb blonde secretary, and the evil puppet master, Karl Rove. I still have it on VHS some where. Funniest damn show ever.


I also like Reno 911( too fricken funny to ignore), and sixty minutes(probably the only news show I trust).