Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hate To Say It, But........

Recently Fox News quoted terrorism expert Juval Aviv as saying there will be a major terrorist attack in the next couple of months, "Ninety days at the most," he said. (You can read it for yourself right here:,2933,161962,00.html) This struck me in several ways.
First, aren't we supposed to be safer now that we have given our liberties up? A terrorist attack in this country (which is where it would have to occur to get the American people behind what they have planned) would be impossible since we've spent so much money on Homeland Security, right? Since intelligence sources are aware of activity within the terrorist community (isn't that an oxymoron?) why not stop them before they commit their act of terror?
Second, these terrorist attacks always happen at a time convenient for the Bush regime and their agenda. We were planning an invasion of Afghanistan six months before 9/11 gave Bush the excuse to invade that country. The anthrax letters arrived just in time to get the Patriot Act railroaded through Congress. The London bombings occurred as Blair and Bush were trying to dominate the G-8 conference with terrorist talks. As well as distracting the public attention away from that Karl Rove thing. And now that covert operations have begun towards our invasion of Iran, perhaps an aircraft carrier in the Gulf, like the Carl Vinson, or something will be "nuked" by Iran. With help from Osama Bin Laden, who's hiding out there(
Third, I seem to remember posting this very same warning a couple of weeks ago. (See "TERRORIST ATTACKS IMMINENT!"). Since this attack will be on Americans, probably as they go to work, it will also lay the ground work for a National ID card with a tracking chip in it. And since everybody's movements will be tracked by satellite, crime will go down as microchips don't lie. And with crime eradicated, there will be no need for guns for personal protection.
Of course now I'm being ludicrous, but keep in mind I was being ludicrous when I posted my previous prognostication. Whether or not any thing will happen remains to be seen, but if it does, I hate to say it, but, I told you so.

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